Did the ACC screw us over?

starting to think that its too much of a coincidence that we get scheduled for clemson on the road but we don’t get scheduled with notre dame. so of course, if we win out notre dame gets a red carpet welcome to the ACC title game while were left on the sideline like suckers.

we always get the short end of the stick.

Seems like you are right. Clemson would have to drop another game for us to play ND. ND would have to drop two games.

Nah - If we had Clemson and ND then people would be complaining that our schedule was too hard. Also, don’t forget that most people outside of the Miami fanbase did not expect Miami to be in the running going into the season.

I’m surprised they didn’t give us ND, for ratings and to toughen up our schedule.

Miami is “programa” non grata of the ACC. Swofford was trying to convince Shalala to self impose major penalties for the Shapiro crap.

Final straw for me was after the Duke return. I was there, best Cane memory-possibly ever. But let’s be real, there were a few penalties. In the days after, Swofford publicly suggested that Miami should forfeit the game.

Let’s remember that Swafford is the former UNC AD.

Side bar: ACC should hammer Swinney for his piss azz comments about FSU.

While I don’t trust the ACC leadership, I think they felt ND,Clem, Miami AND UNC would be the teams that would compete for the championship. So, they split up those teams.

If UNC beats ND, and Miami and Clemson win out, the U, Clem, and ND would have one loss and UNC would have 2.

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They did screw us. We were scheduled to play 9 of the top 10 teams in the projection above (not including ourselves obviously) and only 1 of the last 4 teams.
UNC on the other hand was scheduled to play 3 of the last 4 projected teams (Duke, BC & Cuse) avoiding 2 of the other top 3 teams in the conference (they were ranked 3).
ND also got 3 of the 4 lowest ranked teams (BC, Duke and GT) as did Clemson (GT, Duse and BC).

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