Did Elite80 sign up

Just wondering, too lazy to look :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I sent him a PM on the old site, but he didn’t respond.

I can text him.


Board needs him!

Most accurate evaluator of FL HS kids on any board, going on 20 years. Mf was right there too, but seems like he retired from posting.

He’s in.

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He’s in his basement with a mask on the phone with college coaches telling them that they will be fired like countless others who didn’t listen to him.

Oh, skeeter all the love in your heart…obviously you have never lived in Florida…Kind of hard to have a basement.


Why there he is, the magic man himself. lol

Glad to see Elite80 on the new board. Over the years, I’ve developed a like for the guy. He writes outrageous stuff in the Storm Shelter, but he’s something of a font of wisdom when it comes to football recruiting. My biggest surprise has been how much I enjoy his podcasts. He has a talent I never expected. The podcasts are really good

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Bikki, one day I will be up in your neck of the woods and we will meet.