Dershowitz 😳

Wow. Dominion is toast. It’s over.

Holy shit.

Guys like Dershowitz are extremely rare.

He’s a liberal. He makes no bones about it.

But he calls it like he sees it and will fiercely defend the constitution.

God bless him.

And before the libs go on the offensive with the Virginia Giuffrie stuff…

  1. Dershowitz has been very vocal about his innocence - even offering proof in the form of calendars and contradictory statements made by plaintiff…

  2. It’s irrelevant to this action.

So let me get this straight.

Your theory is that the government AND THE COURTS protected Dominion and the election fraud by dismissing all of Trump’s cases, but you believe the My Pillow CEO’s frivolous countersuit will get serious play in the same courts?

Is that REALLY your position? (Or do you enjoy setting yourself up for failure?)

Well- my first position is that you are completely conflating separate issues.

I said nothing about the government or the courts in this post.

What I am saying- is that if a summons ever comes to my house and Alan Dershowitz is the lead attorney - I’m looking to settle immediately.

You’re talking about the preeminent legal mind in America. I don’t know if there is a close second.

And he is not going to accept this case unless he is successful.

My very early read is that he will be successful.

If you listen to his argument, it seems like he will target Dominion’s non-disclosure of their source code.

His argument is that they make a claim to be honest and they tell the courts and public “trust us, there’s no funny business here” but then when asked to see their source code- they move heaven and earth to deny that access.

And the public has a right to see that code and analyze it.

It’s going to be interesting to watch.




Quoted for posterity.

Please do.

If the legal world is college Football- Dershowitz is Nick Saban. I wouldn’t be betting against the man.


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So you agree with is take on 2A then and effectively eradicating guns from the US?

Haven’t read it or seen it, but I like what you have written so far.

I’m struggling to see why this is relevant?

I disagree with Marc Elias in just about everything, but he is no doubt the preeminent election law attorney in the nation.

Being a brilliant legal mind doesn’t mean all your views are correct. What I look for is the arguments. And Dershowitz’s arguments are fantastic. Even when I don’t agree with them.

I 100% hate his argument about the government being able to enforce mandatory vaccinations for reasons of public health- but I think he’s right on it.

And I disagree with his second amendment argument hinging in the word “militia” but it’s still a powerful argument.


Dershowitz is everything a professor should be. He believes in the American Constitution, and he’s a champion for free speech against censorious repression of ideas.(we know now who are the fascists among us. As a researcher, he is productive and highly regarded. Dershowitz is a splendid lawyer drafting many amicus briefs in important federal cases. Dershowitz is a liberal in the classic sense, unlike today’s idiots.

On two occasions, both university colloquia, I met Dershowitz. In fact, I was on a panel discussing affirmative action to which I am opposed while Dershowitz was not. I conversed with him on both occasions, and I found him to be a very kind person without any arrogant pretense considering his fame in higher education.

Dershowitz did not vote for Trump in the first election. Now, he is serving as Giuliani’s lawyer.

BTW, I love Giuliani since I spent some summers in NY, and I’ve seen the Big Apple under the gloom years of Dinkins as well as during the Giuliani renaissance. Rudy was the best mayor ever and turned the city into the greatest tourist destination on earth. It troubles me that NYC is now under Marxist control.