Any betters in the house? Who do you all like this weekend?

I’m more a Fedora guy.

I know. I thought I would beat @MADSTORK to the punch. :wink:

Tix the Bomb. You heard it here first. :laughing:

Living in FL now and I have no intention of returning to the northern KY area where I’ve lived much of my life - but Derby season is the one time a year where I miss it. A lot of fun.

One of more accurately priced derbies I can remember…Nothing mid-longshot range I love (win or lose, there usually is)…Closest to fitting that bill would be the 15 White Albaro. He’s worth a pop imo.

Most likely winner is 3 Epicenter imo, but he’s chalk…5-1 isn’t terrible but he may fall further based on Mattress Mack.

Not going crazy with race…Most involved 3,12,15…Have been ice cold derbies last decade since the points system came in. Hit some big prices in the early 2000s. Did have winner last year, but no exacta. Medina Spirit was my third choice but Mandaloun was in my third tier and only used him tiny.

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85-1 shot?

I have a friend that is a long time horse race guy. I asked him why he didn’t put on this horse (I know nothing mind you). He told me he wouldn’t have put my money on this horse either.

You could ask 200 sharp horse players and none of them would have had him as a top 3 most likely to win this place or even a top 3 value bet.

If he was that bit a longshot, it’s surprising he was “only” 85-1.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about betting horses