Dallas and All Moderators

I would like to file a complaint of harrassment against the poster that goes by the handle of Stormfront. I’ve asked him kindly not to engage with any post I may make. Since I have chosen to ignore his posts, I have asked ever so kindly that he refrains from commenting on mine. If you will notice now on the football board, he has a reply for everything I have to say. I do not wish to engage with this poster. I am putting this complaint in writing. If he continues such behavior I will ask that he be permanently banned from the board period. If that is not possible, I will have no choice but to terminate my membership to this board.

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SC - have you tried ignoring him?

Skeeter is on my ignore list and I regret I didn’t do it sooner.

He is on my ignore list.

I second and support @canefansc

Come on SC

That’s kinda fuckin wimpy.

I’m sick of Storm and his antics.

What antics? Commenting on your messages?

Ya he can be a really annoying dude

But this is just dumb.

If this board had a real block function, this would be a non-issue.

But, sadly …

Is anyone even moderating this board anymore?

There’s a wrong forum problem in the football discussion. A shelter post posted there by mistake?

Unfortunately, it looks like this board is dying the same way the last one did. It’s more or less expected when moderation is ignored.

The post in question was moved from the football forum to the Shelter where it belongs so thanks to Dallas or whoever corrected the problem.

51 is gone, right?

Yes, 51 left and since then no one’s around to take out the trash.

I’m sure a new moderator would help, but only if they were allowed to do their job.

Have you all noticed the common thread here? Or should I say the common individual? :roll_eyes:


51 abused his privileges from day one. Real piece of shit. Also imagine begging for moderation…Fuck is wrong with you 305?

Moderation is fine as long as it is consistent and even handed. Keeps boards from becoming shyt shows.

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