Cowboys for trump - INSURECTION

A moment of sanity. It will be interesting to watch how this affects other cases and how it ultimately plays out through the appellate process.

It’s very odd, and in my opinion terrible precedent, to watch the left attack civil protest and use the state to weaponized against it.

Let’s see how this case moves through the system but most people look at Jan 6 as a protest protected by the 1st amendment.

The left has marketed Jan 6 brilliantly but eventually it may bite them in the ass if a case like this is upheld.

That’s false.

You’re just dishonest to the core, on a daily basis, about virtually everything in your life


They breached the Capitol of your supposed country that you care nothing about.

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When they were invited in by the authorities and ushered around?

False. They had already breached the capitol on at least 4 fronts, having broken in already via two areas at the time the doors were opened at the final site to avoid more damage and more officers being attacked by the domestic terrorists who were attempting to stop a legal Constitutional action


That sounds REALLY REALLY scary.