COVID Vaccine

Have any of y’all got it? I’m getting my first dose tomorrow. Curious if y’all have had any side effects.

They have to come to my house with guns cocked.

I told my wife… I don’t mind if you get it. I don’t mind if my 23 year old daughter gets it (she had COVID).

My 3 young ones and myself… :fu:

@GardenStateCane - I respect your choice.

I hope your daughter handled her illness ok. Assuming she did.

BTW @GardenStateCane - why won’t you get the vaccine? No one is making you get it.

What is it full of small tracking devices or something?

Because it’s the first of its kind. I don’t want mRNA injected into me.

Normally a vaccine is a virus minus its dna. The body responds to the antigens of the viral shell and creates antibodies but there’s no threat of infection because the RNA is what the virus uses to replicate.

In this case it’s the opposite. They are injecting you with mRNA. We have no data to understand what that will do to a human being. So I don’t want it.

Fair enough. I respect your choice.

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Does that mean you’re gonna get the J&J one?

As far as the kids, nothing to worry about on that front. No kids will be eligible for quite a while.

I’d consider it. It’s not off the table. I think I’d like more time to understand if there are any side effects or issues that present.

I don’t think that’s unreasonable considering I’m a low risk.

@GardenStateCane you aren’t wrong at all.

33% of the population are all in on the vaccine.

33% are not.

33% want more info on it before they commit.

Entirely fair.