Could You Spot The Antichrist?

Interesting read

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Let me guess. It’s Trump and MAGA is his religious fanatics?

So stupid.

says the guy who thinks NASA is fake and the earth doesn’t revolve around the sun

These are so good, we should post one a day. Creepy ass thief in the night shit. So weird that the false idol worshippers are hook, line, sinker.

Lmao! I’m the conspiracy theorist?

You don’t even believe in Christianity but believe in the Anti-Christ?

By the way- “Winning” and “Conquering” aren’t even nearly the same concepts.

Tell us- who has Trump “conquered?”

…the weak minded and the GOP, mostly synonymous

Nice spike for the skunk, 21-0.

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Ladies and gentlemen…We have another dickride from our champ!