Could Texas and OU end up in the SEC?

The Big 12 tier 1 and 2 rights end in 2025 so that’s probably the soonest it would happen but obviously they see the Big 12 as a league that will continue to lag behind the B1G and SEC financially. I’m sure it won’t be easy. The last time when Larry Scott tried to get them in the Pac 10, Texas would have been forced to take Texas Tech and Okie State would follow OU so you know the governors will be involved again when it comes up. Plus TAMU doesn’t want the Horns anywhere near them ever again.

The ACC’s rights don’t end until 35-36. We need to get the Irish in or out for all sports and then make our own push for Texas. Don’t think we’d be that proactive and not sure Texas would do anything but laugh but if they hate their current situation enough…it can’t hurt to pursue it. That would get the ACC to 16. Could go to 18 with OU and OSU but that’s starting to look like too big a conference. We don’t see most of the other division in football now as it is. Have we even been to Syracuse yet? I don’t recall going since they’ve been in the league.

More money for the SEC, just back up the truck!

money talks so I expect this happen.

as for the ACC, it would be in their best interest to convince Notre Dame to permanently join in football.

Why even have conferences any longer? Just make 1 super conference with the top 100 or whatever schools and call it a night.

Yes- I know they are behemoths and will resist. They just don’t make sense any longer.

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This is not good for college football. It is also not good for FSU and Miami. The SEC is about to up their TV contracts to 75 per school. This was without OU and Texas. They land those two schools the SEC will be making close to 100m per school. College football as we know it can’t survive. You can’t have 16 schools making 100m per year and FSU/Miami getting 35-40 million per year. This does not count 3rd tier and streaming rights to games. FSU/Miami can’t compete…Maybe Clemson can off set some of the losses because of Booster money. College football is going to have to have a system in place where there is revenue sharing and caps on coaches salaries…If not FSU/Miami fans better get used to playing for some meaningless bowl game…These two schools wont be able to compete with Arkansas let alone win a title…You take Arkansas and give them 100 million per year and then you add in the fact that their two biggest boosters are the CEO of Tyson Chicken and Walmart…Fuck, the two programs will be happy with the bowl game in Orlando every year.

ESPN and the SEC are getting way too greedy and they are about to kill their golden goose. Outside of the SEC region most fans are not going to want to watch only 16 programs duke it out every year. Someone who is smart needs to step in right now and make sure that what is about to happen is good for everyone in the room. BUT WHAT DO I KNOW.

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Elite, maybe the B1G will invite one of us? :joy:

OU and Texas to Big 12

Iowa St and Kansas to Big 10

Baylor Tech TCU to Pac 12


Rest to MWC

Bye Bye Big 12

I know this was said in jest, but this is one way to keep miami/fsu alive. I actually would like to see miami be proactive for once and reach out to the B1G and see what they think.

imagine the Big 10 adding notre dame, clemson, miami and fsu…that would rival the SEC even after adding Texas/OU i think.

Great! Then we can become that snow team that we’ve always dreamed of. :slightly_frowning_face:

And honestly, tell me what the big ten gains from adding Kansas and especially Iowa State. They have the Hawkeyes and that isn’t exactly something to brag about. It’s two more mouths to feed who don’t bring enough to warrant their selection.

And I tell you what, and I’m not joking - if I’m even in the SEC but not pulling my weight, I’d be VERY concerned. If they can violate any agreements that exist to bring in who they want, who says they won’t kick out the underperformers? If I’m Mississippi or M State, Vandy, Arky…I don’t like what I see. Hell, why not kick out those four and bring in Southern Cal, Ohio State, Clemson and Michigan? They’d pay their exit fees and join a league that would rake in over $170 million each a year. Pay a dividend or we’ll kick you OUT!!!

Survival of the fittest.

It’s a cutthroat world out there. I agree that you have to be in that top tier or you should be concerned.

The BIG absolutely should question the decision to add marginal teams.