Could Oregon and Washington be in Play for Repubs?

I’m not predicting it but the Senate race for Washington and the Oregon gubernatorial race are way tighter than you would expect.

Wild and pretty exciting for R’s.

What are the values and/or policies that make you an “R”?

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Meltdown mode ^^^

I’m not voting and I don’t know who is going to win this shit…But it will be very funny if it’s not warden (500 posts tomorrow?) and dj (hibernation time again?)'s side.

I’m bored today and there aren’t many active threads. Out of 9 active threads, you’re in 7. Skeeter, meet mirror.

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Sure, Mollie. You going to go a whole day without breaking down over Covid? You’ve not managed it yet

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Go do some shots or something…Election Day will be over soon, sheep