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As an equal opportunity critic, I have written extensively about the Black propensity for committing violent crimes. Statistics of course bear out my premises. However, it is amazing how diffident Americans are about expressing outrage about crime committed largely by the ethnic sub-group comprised of young black males. Moreover, the government and media choose to quiet attention to black crime, describing perpetrators without reference to their ethnicity. ,

How many of you aside from Djrion take your family for nature walks in the hood? What image forms in your mind when you think about criminal looting of property? When there is a domestic, violent spat at a fast food restaurant, whom do you imagine would be responsible. Who are pushing Asians onto subway tracks? Who engage in the knock out game?

Reading the preceding paragraph will send Warden into an apoplectic rage that I would have the temerity to be outraged by perpetrators of violent crime. So, I’ll say in advance that Warden and his buddy Low T can both go suck eggs. Black crime is a national atrocity, and it victimizes black communities worse than all other communities. It is a problem that deserves both concern and debate.

Ann Coulter is a talented writer with a razor sharp wit. Small wonder that she is so popular, for she is a truth teller of the highest magnitude. Ergo, I offer another splendid Coulter article about fighting racism.


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This may be the biggest lie this board has ever seen. You have to be forced, for example, to speak out against injustice towards a black person by a white cop.

A. Ah oh…Racism police. Imagine 51 thinking he is doing real work against racism lol

B. How’s that a lie? He said he has written about Black propensity for committing violent crimes? What did asshead 51 type that makes that a lie?

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To the contrary, if I may. For once, he isn’t lying. He is flat out admitting he is a racist in the sentence you have quoted.

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Were I a stranger reading this thread, I’d take bikki’s side in the discussion since his detractors suggest racism when evidence is incredibly compelling that crime is endemically committed by young black male subjects. The good man’s detractors further suggest that it is verboten to criticize black people, and doing so is prima facia evidence of racism.

The smart albeit imaginary stranger has this one correct. He encountered no racism on the part of bikki, just two muttonheads making faulty criticisms of a fine, elderly spokesman of truth. Moreover, the stranger asks bikki’s critics, especially the one referred to by another poster as asshead51, to defend the criticism levied at the behavior of young black males.

More racism police!

Imagine being racism police…You fucking people got issues.

For what the Democrat Party has done to urban black people, they should be lynched for racism. Generation after generation of losers thanks to the “government trying to help.” Total government dependency. Break down of family ties. Shirking of responsibility. Infant genocide. Gang membership. Illicit drug business and creating more addicts. Creating black racism where there once there was almost none. This is the result of true racism, liberal Democrat Party racists turning Black People into wastrels and violent racists.

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