Coaches Hot Seat 2020

Is any job in the state of Texas safe :rofl:

How Jim Harbaugh has a job is beyond me.

I have been saying this for months!

Not sure how James Franklin is keeping his either…

James Franklin is safe based on the many years of good success at PSU. Even if he was fired, he would land another p5 job as soon as he wants. Is he the best coach, no. Is he a good one, yes.

Kevin Sumlin and Gus Malzahn are out!

I hope Auburn doesn’t get Cristobal. it would suck having another SEC team with heavy south florida recruiting ties.

Summary of all coaches gone:

  1. Matt Viator
  2. Steve Campbell
  3. Will Muschamp
  4. Derek Mason
  5. Kevin Sumlin
  6. Gus Malzahn
  7. Lovie Smith