… on upset alert!

HUGE loss to Duke if it sticks

No one saw that coming. And a 21 point beat down no less.

Maybe the Clemson era of ACC domination is over or maybe the loss was just a fluke?

I watched the entire game, and Clemson lost mainly due to turnovers, many of them in the red zone. It was a freaky game where Clemson time and again shot itself in the foot.

Duke didn’t look like the usual Duke football team. They put together numerous long, chunk plays and rushed the football tenaciously, always straining for that extra yard. Duke coach Mike Elko becomes the fastest ten game winner in Duke history, winning ten games in 14 contests. IMO, Elko has done a stupendous job at Duke.

Nothing beats a stunning upset in college football, and Duke just pulled one off, and they deserve to be feeling pretty good about their team.

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Elko is about to be one of the top targets for a big time program.


Duke had a key turnover in their red zone so let’s not kid ourselves. Duke out played Clemson. Clemson has a BIG issue, they don’t have a first round WR let alone multiple.