Clemson Game Thread

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Let’s see how long I can keep this game on before realizing that there is a lot of other better things I can do

Now that Clemson has scored, it is time for our 3 and out.

Now that Clemson has scored, it’s time to do something else.

This game is already over

Nobody in motion. No play action. Run by Knighton fails.

Should have been a TD. Bad throw.

Bad call on Knighton.

After penalty, we run a straight hand off into the line. Stupid play.

This season needs to just end. Why the hell should I watch Clemson beat us by 50 today, followed by Pitt beating us by 40?

This team is trash. Has been for years.

Missed a walk in touchdown

On 3rd down, someone needs to spot Shipley in the backfield to prevent wide pitch or swing pass when he goes in motion.

Now it’s time for another Miami 3 and out. What a failure this guy Gattis is on offense.

Just curious if anyone knows the answer, does the team actually practice football the rest of the week? Each week it looks more and more like they honestly don’t. I was under the impression teams are supposed to get better as the weeks go along, not get infinitely worse.

I already turned it off. Much better football to watch than that trash.

This team really should consider moving to D2. I’m not joking.

When you play against a good team with a good pass rush, the QB needs to release the pass within 1.6 seconds, meaning he should be throwing slants, outs, hitches, and swing passes. Forget about passing downfield until you can get a few first downs. Forget about taking deep drops. For the love of God, put some players in motion. Why in the world can’t we throw a slant to Mallory?

Simply amazing how Miami went from perennial top 10 MNC school year in and year out into the cupcake/doormat you schedule for easy wins.

I still firmly believe this school and team is cursed…

We have yet to get a first down

I actually don’t want to go to a bowl game.

We are really bad.

You’re still watching? I switched long ago.

Me neither. Don’t worry - this team will meet your expectations. After losing by 60 to Clemson today they’ll lose by 50 to Pitt next week.

Worst team in over 40 years.

Miami is obviously bad, but I had no idea Brown was this terrible. He cant hit the broad side of a barn.

You have no chance to hang in a game with a good team when your QB can’t hit open passes.

It’s really pathetic that he’s the best we have with Van Dyke hurt. What a disaster of a QB recruiting/coaching situation.

I said it on a prior thread but Gattis should be fired at halftime.

Also, can Miami get a single first down in this game?

That’s a legit question at this point.