Christian Professor Wins Gender Issue

How confused muttonheads have become with gender when there are only two biological genders. You are either a male or a female. Even the dumbest mammals know this instinctively. (That last statement puts liberals in a rather lowly class). Persons who arrive at the conclusion that they are of the opposite gender exhibit aberrant behavior. They have no right to demand all others accommodate their psychologically screw ball thinking.

Gender is a more important issue when it is related to such entities as the Armed Forces, athletics, health, police, legal system, and so forth. In a classroom, a professor rather than turn the issue into an imbroglio may or may not decide to participate in the gender farce.

As a former educator, I would accede to the student’s wishes and willingly become part of the farce. I would however not force other students to be farce participants

Rest room and gym changing room should be biologically gender separated.

A judge lambasting academia for no longer being bastions of free speech?

This case has bikki written all over it!

I like the way you look at things 305. People should not underestimate your perceptual skill. I am rather impressed by your thinking. My philosophy isn’t complicated. I despise hypocrisy, especially pertaining to race relations and equality versus equity. There is no law about equity. All men and women are equal under law. Nobody is special. Skin color is immaterial although the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is in some ways defective. I am a liberal in the classical sense, but much of a libertarian with regard to individual rights versus the collective. People have to have incentive and liberty to become productive. Incentive is often a result of not being censored or hampered by government proscribing what you are doing. For example, if I had a revolutionary theory that climate change is not affected significantly by humans, what would be my chances of either getting a grant or access to facilities. Were my theory proved indisputable, my treatment would likely be much like that of Galileo.

How important are Black Lives in Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, or New York? Does BLM have an illustrious provenance? Are Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams Uncle Toms? What compelled Leo Terrell, a very competent civil rights attorney to support Trump when in the past he was a liberal? Why was the decision in the Baake Case by the Supreme Court so wrongheaded? Why isn’t Benjamin Crump not in jail rather than enjoying millions of undeserved dollars? Why isn’t Hillary in jail? Why do they call Heather MacDonald a racist? Why is there such a colossal misunderstanding of Rogerian/Maslovian psychology? Why is there such an incuriousity about learning who were Epstein’s clientele? Where is John Durham (Galt)? These are some of the questions that drift through my mind.

Good primer on gender diversity (both human and animal) to gender binarism.

“Today, numerous scientific fields, including biology, endocrinology, physiology, genetics, neuroscience, and reproductive science, have confirmed that both sex and gender exist as a spectrum.”

Bahahahahaha… Who didn’t know this trendy snowflake little fuckboy thinks there is 917 genders.

Let me know when the genetics become non-binary. Then I’ll subscribe.

Genetics are already somewhat non-binary. I believe that’s the entire point being discussed.

A ridiculous statement. Males are XY, females XX.

Binary. End of discussion.

When that changes- give me a call.

It already has changed. XX males exist, as do XY females. What about known variations such as XO, XXY, of XYY?

Clearly you either don’t know the definition of binary or are uneducated on chromosomal variance.

This is normalcy. This is generic. Biology divides and subdivides. Species have generic individual specimens. A small number of individuals in a species are atypical. So what. It is an interesting subject, but not one that commands the entire social order by modified to suit a small minority of individuals.

Cade Hildreth is an interesting person. He is accomplished in many fields. However, his study is interesting, but unimportant. It would be akin to someone studying a beauty continuum, and selecting Miss Universe at one end and Troglodyta at the opposite end. Djrion would change all society to accommodate trogs even at the expense of the majority generic normals.

305, would you really have me defending GSC for being “uneducated on chromosomal variance?” Too funny,

Reading this forum would make one think the most admirable thing about mankind is that some members of the species practice homosexuality. Were liberals in charge, the world would go mad buggering one another, and the humans would die off for lack of propagation.

In other homosexual news, Subway Corporation has committed advertising hara-kiri and selected ingrate lesbian Megan Rapinoe as its advertising spokesperson. When this woman was representing America playing soccer, I found myself rooting for the other team. You’ll recall Subway formerly hired loathesome pervert Jared Fogel, who is presently residing in a federal penitentiary for the remainder of this decade for being involved in child pornography. So long Subway!

I would assume most people are ignorant on this specific topic. GSC did, however, ask me to call him when his understanding changed.

We have other cases of this happening besides for transgender. The blind get lots of adjustments in society. .49% of the population is truly blind. .6% of the population is transgender. My biological sons are both color blind and I do not expect or want them to get special treatment from governments. Almost every human has something unique to them that is not Normal.

The difference between the two above groups? Blind have a handy cap that could compromise their or others safety. Transgender on the other hand could compromise the safety of others with adjusting.

I’m all for treatment of everyone being equal but having a male sexual organ should require the use of a male bathroom. It doesn’t matter if it is .5” or 10”. I also don’t believe government funds should be used for gender change surgery or hormones. Then again I hate subsidies.

How does a non-binary samurai kill people? They/them = they slash them HA

I’ll weigh in here - generally I don’t really care - if someone wants to change sexes, let them. However….

What I’m not ok with is some states letting young teenagers do it. If you’re 13 and you want to do it - you should wait until you’re a legal adult. At such a young age - frankly - you don’t know shit and may come to regret something that is irreversible.