Chaney out for year

Awful… Think this kid was going to leave UM after next season as a top 3 round pick.

Knighton can’t get back fast enough.


4-6 week for Keonta Smith…Not sure if rumor or definite prognosis. Best LB and top 3-4 player on defense

Chaney looked like a beast the last two games.

KSmith sprained ACL/MCL. It could be 4 weeks or the year depending on if they heal. Crazy as he went back in to play with the sprains.

His whole life…He looks “different” when healthy. Hope he recovers.

Anyone know why Knighton was suspended???

Chaney … I love how hard the kid runs. Max effort every play which is rare.

I assume ACL? That sucks.

Yes ACL…

Knighton sounded like something fairly serious off field or with law. I didn’t look deeper so maybe on one of these message boards some info has leaked? No idea