Canes on Gameday

I had not seen this.

Where did Miami go wrong? College GameDay reacts to the downfall of the Hurricanes’ football program - YouTube

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He’s right. We need to thank Herbstreit. You would think Kirk was a Cane and not a Buckeye if you didn’t know otherwise.

You are so right. He’s always had a soft spot for Miami.

He knows we got screws by them in championship game.

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But it looks like Manny’s staying. I’m sure it’s a combination of the cost (of course!) and the fact that so many schools are looking for coaches and the wonder of whether we’ll actually get a quality replacement. But Furman, who just last week said the AD would be selected fast and that Mario was a serious reality seems to have soften that stance now.

Year 4! Let’s go 8-4!!!

Idk how we can say Manny is staying when we don’t have an AD.

I think the most likely AD response is fire your D staff and hire someone new with some money I’m giving you. I made a post in another thread where 4 of our D coaches have never coached at the P5/G5 level before Miami…is that a budget thing? If so, that needs to be addressed.


Definitely need an overhaul on D. A coordinator needs to be hired. Portal needs to be hit HARD. A REAL LB coach is needed. Also, why does Miami not have 10+ “analysts” like Bama and the rest of the big schools?

If Nebraska could keep a coach like Frost Miami can keep a guy like Diaz. Unbelievable for both.

Listening to Bear, I think he wants Diaz to stay. He supported his argument with truth. Manny did invade the portal because we didn’t have enough talent on the the roster. However, I have to criticize the lack of depth on Defense since he is a Defensive coach. He changed OC’s, which was the right call. If he really wants to impress us, he’ll fire his DC…(Oh Wait!!!). But in all seriousness, Manny has made the right moves, and TVD’s emergence may have saved him for at least one more season. He needs to hire a DC, we need linebackers like nobody’s business, and regardless of who we land player wise, we have to develop our players.