Canes 8 vs #1 gators 6 gm 3 final

1pm ESPN sec,

Mederos pitching

Lets Go Canes!

T1 Lala HBP, Vilar flies out, Morales single, Del Castillo 2RBI double, Toral RBI

T2 Jenkins walks and then steals 2nd, Rivera strikes out, Lala advances Jenkins to 3rd, Vilar singles, Morales single (gator error) Del Castillo walks, Toral hits into out

T3 Gil HR, Jenkins flies out, Rivera single, then thrown out stealing

T4 Lala singles, Morales RBI triple, Del Castillo HBP, Toral strikes out…sigh, Gil walks, C Del Castillo 2RBI single, Jenkins flies out

B6 Arguelles in to pitch…Gates now in to pitch

B7 Gates out…Smith in

T9 Hit the damn ball⚾️ and Lala did…lol and then tries to steal and is thrown out. ARGH😠 but nooo. gator missed the tag. Vilar flies out…sigh here we go into B9

Canes take the series at the gators new $65M home field…:upside_down_face:

Game ending play by Jenkins…LOL at his stare at gators bench

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