Canes 77 vs unf 59 final

6pm ACCnetwork

Canes shooting 70% so far in 1st half…Brooks looks very solid on both sides of the ball

Lets Go Canes!

Didn’t see you had posted this. Just deleted my duplicate thread…

Agree, let’s go team! It’s been a long time since we had some basketball. This is now a pretty veteran team with Lykes, Brooks and McGusty. Much deeper and more experienced than last season. I hope they’re primed for a nice little run.

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impressed with true freshman Matt Cross from NH…nice to see a healthy McGusty

Canes 42-34 halftime

Wong is in beast mode :flushed:

Sloppy first game, but it’s a first game. This team is going to be something special, especially seeing how they aren’t even playing with Timberlake right now. Having him available will do a ton for depth, for he is a legit talent. I can see this team possibly being a tournament team, with the potential to steal a Sweet 16 appearance if things go right. That said, I wonder if there’s going to be a tournament, and whether guys like Lykes decide to come back next year. I would love to see this team return in full, to a traditional schedule next fall.

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