Canes 7 vs dook 1 gm 3 sweep

1 pm ACCNX

Dubberly pitching

Go Canes!

B1, B2 pitching duel…we have nada hits yet

B3 Gil single then thrown out on Pitelli single, Pitelli steals 2nd, Lala gains 1st on fielding error, Pitelli to 3rd, Lala steals 2nd…sigh nada :slightly_frowning_face:

B4 Del Castillo single, C. Del Castillo walks, Toral flies out, Del Castillo advances to 3rd and Gil flies out…nada again

B5 Vilar RBI fly out, Morales 2 run HR

B8 Del Castillo RBI, Morales RBI, Kayfus RBI, Pitelli RBI double