Canes 6 vs bc 11 gm 3 final


Garland pitching

pitiful offense…nothing has really changed

Shuffling rotation isnt going to help this offense…

T1, T2 nada

Garland struggling but they keep him in…just like Morales, finally Smith is brought in after 6 runs

T3 Perez HR, bases loaded, Morales 2 RBI, Gil 2 RBI double

T6 Perez triple, lala GO RBI

Pitiful…no different from Morris

This team deserves not to hear their name called on selection Monday. Probably be for the best, you won’t have the misery of doing any more of these threads lol.

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The coaches in baseball and football need to go…we take 1 step forward and 5 steps back every year.

We struggle in every income producing sport and it makes me angry and sad that admin is only concerned with acc money, nothing more.

I am moving back over to old board…