Canes 21 vs fiu 1 final

7pm if I find vid feed I will post…espn+

Garland pitching

Go Canes!

T1 Lala HR

T2 Rivera walk, Pitelli single…balk advances runners, Perez walk bases loaded 2 outs…ARGH 3 LOB

T3 Vilar single, Morales RBI double, Del Castillo RBI double, C. Del Castillo RBI single, Toral RBI double, Pitelli RBI double

4 Vilar HBP, Morales RBI in park HR

T5 Rivera HR, Morales 2 RBI single

  • fiu pitchers are having a difficult night…they have now used 7

They must only have RHPs :roll_eyes:

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