Fire Blake James
Fire Baker :white_check_mark:
Fire Rumph :white_check_mark:
Fire Enos :white_check_mark:

With Rumph being retained on staff, can you really put a check next to his name? :wink:

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How about this? :laughing:

100% can after hearing Manny talk about Rumph not being a good enough closer. He now just warms doors for the real closers. Nothing wrong with that so long as we aren’t overpaying him. He clearly hasn’t found a good landing spot so others think the same of Rumph.

As for James, he somehow has us playing 4 away, 1 neutral, and 7 home games. It isn’t his fault Miami is in the ACC. Outside of his complete blunder with Golden, I’d say he isn’t the worst AD in the country. CMR thru him a curve ball with his resigning day(s) after Manny left for Temple.

Manny while GREEN has shown that he is willing to adjust his staff and personally I believe he has surrounded himself with some elite coaches. Clearly, 2021 is a big year for Miami to continue to progress. We can’t slip up against another coastal team and miss out on a chance at playing Clemson in the ACCCG. Will we be ready to beat Clemson, hard to say but I’d say we are still 1-2 years of elite classes away.

Now if we want to talk about the ACC, let’s discuss the Board and President. They should be the ones talking with other ACC schools about either correcting the issues within the conference OR forming a new conference of newer ACC schools.