Canebill was a legendary poster on these forums, and I regret his deciding no longer to participate. Bill and I are friends and continue to correspond, and he spends prodigious amounts of time reading while also taking university courses in a variety of areas which pique his interest. It’s always a treat for me to get a Canebill email, and it takes quite a while to digest what Bill has written. Bill is a really smart fellow.

Our last discussion was about Trump. Bill has an admiration for Trump while at the same time feels that his savvy as a politician and combative personality preclude his being the best candidate to win the presidential election of 2024. I, on the other hand, favor Trump, because Trump is the creator of MAGA and is the most salient politician of our era, that is, I believe Trump was swindled in 2020 and “deserves” another term in office.

I am going to suggest that Bill write a cameo post to the forum. By that same token, I wish I could get Pinellas to do the same thing. They are true class guys, highly erudite, and I miss them.

Lastly, I am very sympathetic to those living in Southwest Florida inasmuch as I too live on a barrier Island, and it was not too long ago that I spent four years re-building my home ravaged by Hurricane Ivan. In fact, I am considering taking a trip to Punta Gorda to help a friend whose house was severely damaged by the storm. Living in a Florida paradise venue has a formidable risk EVERY year.

Tell them to make handles and join already.

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I enjoyed bill’s posts because he was very well read and overall intelligent, even if he lacked in putting together logical building blocks. He also had an enormous blindspot when it came to anything Democrat, the mere mention of which would immediately halve his IQ and set his blood on edge.

Bill left the Shelter after a candidate he espoused so much lost an election and made a fool of himself blaming everybody else. Even bill couldn’t defend the man anymore.

He also posed an infamous question/bet about which party was capable of public violence after losing an election. His emotional, animalistic brain swore the Dems would protest and riot and turn things dangerous, while the Pubs would concede with grace and calm, and not raise a single fist in anger.

After the Capitol Insurrection, bill had the good sense to disappear.


biKKKi clone bot from hell

So funny how 305 and dj…Two posters that Bill regularly used as punching bags, don’t want him to come back

Bill was basically 305ive’s proofreader and personal fact checker

And Bill literally made djrion quit posting on this board for years…(so hey maybe we should at least give 305ive credit for not quitting)…Between Bill and Trump, the faggot djrion took his ball and went home.

You morons have selective memory.

It was always fun calling out grandpa Bill and owning him like biKKKi, sKaren, GSCl :lying_face: wn.

He needs a nickname tho… Let me think on it

Why didn’t you do it while he was here cunt?

Instead you left the board

You’ve never owned anyone in the history of this message board. You’re just another world saving, tantrum throwing, brainwashed little cunt lib.

Plus you got that faggot ass ugly goatee.

He’s the exact same clown as biKKKi not smart enough to think beyond ideology.

I’m sure it’ll include a lot of caps and the word CACA.


Imagine being this blind about your own projection.

He acts like he isn’t a part of a cult.

I never said I didn’t want bill to come back. He was a nice guy and I had fun slapping him around. I even learned some stuff from him, which is more than I can say about one-trick ponies who can only say cunt all the time.

He embarrassed you repeatedly

It was so funny, and you kept coming back for more…Then he’d clown you again. Then your little white flag came would come out.

If I call you a cunt, it means you are a fucking cunt…Has nothing to do with how many tricks I got.

You literally ran and hid, faggot

Nah, I gave more than I got with bill. Like I said, he read a lot but had a comprehension problem and I regularly corrected him on the data. He was argumentative like me so neither would back down often. Until he quit the board. Two or three times too, if I recall.

Nah, you just have a really bad memory. You got shellacked. He basically assfucked you.

Completely overmatched…Hold your little L and move on.

Look, I’m sorry I shit on your hero so much back in the day.

It’s kinda sad to see you dickride him so hard when he hasn’t been here for 2 years though.

You don’t need to defend him. The man is much more capable of defending himself than you are, let me tell you.

You didn’t shit on anybody…He basically wiped his ass with you though (NH)

Look at this cunt trying to steal my word again…When he’s out of options he dickrides and copies

You’re right. You’re more of a nutlicker.

Cunt never said dickride once in his life

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