Candace Owens said Trump's rudeness made her realize he's vengeful, paranoid,

She fudged around and found out.

Anyone with a brain and a pulse figured whatever she is saying many years ago.

They pulling all the stops to get trump. Even the inner pretorian guard (the Conservative “influencer crowd”) is in full force.

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Devoid of reality

Like rats on a sinking ship. Totally expected after their midterm performance.

What a difference a few years makes


It’s pile on time now. Pay attention to those that are positioning themselves for a run for President. I think Pence is one of those guys.

They want to take Trump out once and for all.

For the record, I think it’s time the GOP moves on from Trump as a candidate. But I do find the food fighting interesting.

It’s all posturing at this point.

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Angertainment at its finest

Interesting to think about.

IMO an all-out war between DeSantis and Trump is not good for the party. The ideal case for Pubs would be for Trump to publicly crown DeSantis as the next savior of the party. Would be a difficult team for the Dems to beat, if only they could get over themselves. (For the record, I expect DeSantis to be more diplomatic in his positioning.)

He’s too much of a narcissist to do that.

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