Cam Ward thoughts

Had the chance to watch him Friday. Very impressed with the way he throws. The quarterbacks in order are 1-Cam, 2-Reese, 3-Emory, 4-Judd, 5- jacarri

Cam is so much better than anything Miami has had in over a decade at qb. He anticipates very well. You will see the ball come out of his hands so cleanly. I was also impressed with Reese.

Emory and Judd both have upside. I think Judd was underrated.

One of the main things I am looking for in this staff is the ability to develop players. Particularly at the QB position. This staff ability can create an edge that takes a team from very good to elite. It would be great to one day see a home grown QB who would show clear improvement year over year and one day be a high draft pick.

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From what little I have seen of Ward, the word that comes to mind is “smooth.”

Miami hasn’t had a really good QB since Kaaya left early. Every QB since has been mediocre.
And even in the case of Kaaya, he couldn’t run at all, Kosar-like.

I’m somewhat optimistic the team might win 9+ games this year but I won’t be shocked it they don’t. The talent level is definitely improving so you have to give credit to Mario for that.

I’m still amazed at how Kaaya disappeared after college.

Hoping the Cam talk is legit. Immediate contender if we solve qb finally.

Brad dissapeared if he shifted or had any small amount of pressure.

It was only practice but Cam is the best I have seen at green tree in a very long time. He just has a presence about him. The ball comes out of his hand so well.

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