California poised to pay reparations for slavery

Wow, this is pretty out there. The Dems never, and I mean never, miss an opportunity to divide us based on race.

How can anyone vote for these radicals? Some really warped folks out there.

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Right, right…because, slavery never happened and Jim Crow never happened, right?

Let’s see - Japanese Americans recieved $1.5 billion for being interned during WW2. Jews recieved reparations through the Marshall Plan. West Germany agreed to pay 3.45 billion Deutsche Marks to Holocaust survivors. In fact, are blacks the only ones who have never received reparations?
In 1860, slavery accounted for $3 billion…more than all the factories and railroads combined.
Sherman signed Field Order 15 allocating 400,000 acres of Confederate lands to black families, but they were never given due to Andrew Johnson reversing Field Order 15 and then returned the land back to the slave owners. In fact, in Washington DC, slave owners were actually paid reparations from the government for lost property, the formerly enslaved humans. ( The practice was common in many of the states.

Slave owners not only made money off of the enslaved black people but then were paid by the government for losing said “property” after trying to destroy the nation in an effort to keep enslaved humans legal.

You LITERALLY have dozens and dozens of white nationalists leading your party right at this moment, hanging out with Holocaust deniers and you’re claiming DEMS divide us over race?

Your entire party is built on dividing us over race. You need to take a look at your backyard

None of what you posted above takes away from the fact that this idea is lunacy.

And it’s likely very unpopular with the public. How many years ago did slavery exist in the US?

How are you identifying those that should and those that should not receive reparations? How do you come up with that arbitrary number?

And even if they do get this, will that be the end of it or will Californians just keep paying in perpetuity.


Right, right…so, when it relates to black people…it’s lunacy. Gotcha. Makes sense coming from your side.

[quote=“IndianaCane, post:3, topic:5062”]
And it’s likely very unpopular with the public.

That’s a curious statement. You don’t appear to care much about what’s popular with the public, i.e. abortion rights.

Quite a few, but Jim Crow was enacted afterwards and that ended, in theory, in 1965, only 58 years ago. The effects are still quite dramatic

First, I’m not doing anything. I live in Texas and I don’t run a government, city or state. Secondly, I have no idea. Call California and ask

Dunno, put some effort in and read into it

It’s funny how that’s insanity but a President meeting with Holocaust deniers and white nationalists and then calling for the termination of the Constitution isn’t insanity…to you.

In fact, the Democrats run a preacher who spent his entire life in the church, a true family man who’s parents were both pastors, who earned his BA in psychology and then Masters of Divinity, Master of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy from Union Theological Seminary. Warnock was a minister throughout his career and only got involved in politics in trying to expand Medicare access.

So, the GOP sees a black guy and decides all they need is just another, more recognizable name and they’ll win. So, they get a guy who LIVES IN TEXAS in Herschel Walker, who doesn’t know if he’s running for House or Senate, lied about every single part of his education, lied about working for the FBI, lied about working for the police, put a gun to his wife’s head, beat her repeatedly, had 4-5 kids out of wedlock and never raised a single one of his kids in his life, and paid for abortions to his mistresses.

And, that’s not insane to you. Not a bit.





$24,100 median wealth for black households vs $188,000 for whites is a wild statistic….yikes

Too bad people can’t realize that this disparity isn’t due to racism…it’s IQ that’s the main culprit

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