Caitlin Clark

What a wonderful athlete is this Caitlin Clark. I’ve watched several of her games this year, and she has invigorated crowd approval of the women’s game. What’s really disgraceful is that her Caucasian ascendancy has engendered ugly racial animus

If she turns pro I hope she does well. She’s got a target on her back because of what you’ve said. It is disgraceful but she’s a tough cookie. Some of the NBA players aren’t happy about the Euro guys coming over here and playing as good as they are.

I agree with this article overall.

I will disagree slightly that it does seems she is getting plenty of attention for the most part… but those article headlines cited are an absolute joke. Typical woke race-peddling bullshit. It’s disgusting…I hate these fucking people so bad.

^ What skeeter said.

I would be surprised if there was a large media movement to shame or discredit Clark to the extent the article portrays. That said, you can’t put it past some people.

The big record she’s in reach of is held by a white guy anyway. There might be a lot of knashing of teeth if she breaks it, even though it will be with an extra year of school so not nearly as dominant.

Either way, good for her. Wish her much success enlivening the WNBA.

WNBA should be happy that a new celebrity will likely augment interest in the women’s league. I have grown fond of women’s basketball. I enjoy their striving to succeed, displaying, I think, greater intensity than their male counterparts. They’re not nearly as talented as men, but their amateurism is captivating.

I think perhaps the pettiness of racial chauvinism and envy eventually will give way to being a learning experience for all players who callously fail to bestow proper credit where credit is due.

The article appears to be quite bunk. First, this is the same “American Thinker” that posted a fawning article about Jared Taylor, the predominant white supremacist ('Every Man His Own Commissar': Jared Taylor and the Politics of Race - American Thinker).

Secondly, the premise is false, that Clark is not being covered by the mainstream media. It’s a simple lie. Clark is regularly on Sportscenter, article after article on Yahoo and ESPN and in my world, all over my Tik Tok. I’m not sure why it’s 'woke bullshit" to cite the scoring record she broke is the official line, but others were beyond that mark before the NCAA recognized collegiate women’s sports and not that far back, the late 70s and early 80s.

The article claims things like the following:

When it’s link is to, a conservative sports website run by Clay Travis.

The article is false, plain and simple. Clark isn’t being ignored by the mainstream media in any way. It’s not “woke” to cite scoring records dating back to when most of us were kids, not that long ago.

Another “victimhood” fraud article posted by a cite that regularly promotes prominent white supremacists and knowingly publishes falsehoods

As for the lack of mainstream media coverage…horsesh*t

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I thought that link was funny too. It claims it’s a “bad article” from the mainstream media, but it’s an article from Outkick that is essentially agreeing with this article. So, not evidence of their position at all.

Anyway, like a couple of us said above, this article is overstating its case. It’s clickbait.

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Is there racial resentment or not? Unquestionably, there is, and it is both peevish and petty. The article relates truth. The provenance of the article is immaterial.

No, sir, there is no racial resentment presented in any way or supported by your article in any way. Those articles simply mention the facts. Those facts are people before her and not too long ago surpassed the official scoring record that she broke because the NCAA didn’t recognize women’s collegiate sports. The people who broke said record happen to be black and Clark happens to be white.

In the same way they put and asterisk on Roger Maris hitting 61 homers and beating Babe Ruth’s record of 60 but Maris did it in 162 games while Ruth did it in 154 games. You were alive then, was there racial resentment in clarifying the record? They literally put an asterisk beside the Maris record for 30 years.

Barry Bonds broke both of their records, as did Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. However, they were using steroids and everyone knew it. Is it a sign of racial resentment to clarify the record with providing the info that all 3 were using performance enhancing drugs?

Donell Pumphrey, the San Diego St Aztec, finished his NCAA career with 6405 yards and is recognized as the NCAA career leader in rushing yards. He set the record in the 4th quarter of his final game, the 2016 Las Vegas Bowl. However, Ron Dayne actually rushed for 7125 yards in his career. So, why isn’t he the rushing leader?

The NCAA didn’t recognize bowl games when Ron Dayne played all 4 of his seasons with Wisconsin.
Is it racial resentment to clarify the record when discussing Pumphrey?

The article states fiction, supplies no support for its argument and any place that publishes a glowing story of one of the nation’s leading white supremacists and then pretends their is racial animus for simply clarifying a recent sports record is showing much more about themselves than they are the antagonists of their “story.”

In fact, the point that you and I both know Caitlin Clark’s name and don’t know Lynette Woodard’s name proves your article and point are both severely lacking.

I was unfamiliar with Clay Travis’s website until now. I credit you Warden to putting me on to it. Excellent source. Of course, racial envy is apparent in response to Clarke’s success. Critics have placed a great white hope stigma on Caitlin Clark who seems to be an exemplary player and fine human. Sort of reminds me of myself.

If Caitlin Clark was black, you wouldn’t know her name…just like you didn’t know the name of her better, Lynette Woodard.

Warden is of course wrong on this particular matter. Certainly, if you quote statistics to make a point, the statistics must be accurate. Cheryl Swoopes apparently did not do her homework before unfairly criticizing Caitlin.

The racism underlying this unfair criticism is raising greater acknowledgement of the problem. Racism is not a matter of whose ox is gored nor is it only relegated to one race of humans.

As a former member of the NAACP following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather, I through experience am well equipped to recognize racism, which I aver, is presently more prevalent among black Americans than among white Americans. Hate crime statistics support this contention.

Here’s another article on this same topic.

It could be that you and I are discussing two different things, talking around each other. If the question is whether Swoopes was being racist, I’d say yes. Absolutely.
The articles that were listed, however, were not evidence of racial animus.

As I listed beforehand, clarifying a record is pretty common and has been going since at least Roger Maris taking Ruth’s record.

But, potentially, you’re referring this whole time to Swoopes comments on Clark, which I do agree, are her being racist. While I essentially bee-lined to the articles posted and essentially skipped right over Sheryl.

However, you claim on hate crime statistics is incorrect, as well. Of the 10,299 known offenders, 51% were white, 21% were black, 17% were race unknown. Hate Crimes | United States Department of Justice | Hate Crimes | Facts and Statistics

To be fair you would need to correlate this to population percentages.

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