Bye week

At least Miami can’t lose this weekend… :roll_eyes:

I’d probably make “bye” a touchdown favorite at this time.

Rumor that arroyo out for season with injury. So about not losing on an idle week…

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Geeze… Miami cannot get out of it’s own way. :roll_eyes:

I think last week was Goodbye Week.

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I was thinking the same thing! Fitting we have a BYE week when it should be a Bye Bye week to the dream of Miami being anything more than a 500 team in 2022.

In many ways the loss to Middle Tennessee State is a blessing.

It completely eradicated the pressure of having to win this year and places all of the focus on the future.

So now, if Mario is smart, he has the perfect reason to part ways with anyone and everyone that isn’t going to buy in and do things his way. And he should make that known yesterday.

Cut half the team if you need to. Bring on your people.

There’s always a silver lining. Just have to find it.

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Agree with this, as long as we make the most of the opportunity.

This is why I’m saying I’m fine with a 6-6 year. Complete rebuild, complete wash of a Year 1. Hopefully we’re able to build into a nice Year 2.

Mario is strong in the most important realm. He’s a great recruiter. If he continues getting formidable recruit, success in time has to follow suit.

We’re always too optimistic going into the season. I recall that most of us predicted winning 9 or 10 games. Even Saban languished during his first year. I recall a humiliating loss to Louisiana Monroe. At this juncture, I hope we can manage a 6-6 season.

We’ve all been brought down to earth with a thud. It’s just going to take more time to raise the Phoenix. Mario has shown that he can make adjustments as he did successfully during USM game. Hopefully, he’ll surprise us against UNC. Speaking of hot seats, Gattis and Steele already should be feeling some posterior rise in temperatures. UNC is capable of putting a lot of points on the scoreboard while surrendering a lot of points. I hope our offense can keep pace with them.