Build the Wall scam - guilty

as a reminder

Yea- stupid to say “100% of the funds will be used to…”

Because even the greatest charities in the world haven’t operating expenses and admin. What percentage

I think it’s public record that they built some wall right? So how much did they spend on wall vs themselves? Do the transcripts say?

3 miles. They built 3 miles.

I’m reading that when the government does it it costs up to $46 million per mile

So, despite the entire trial of 3 separate individuals all found guilty, proof of what they spent the money on, proof that Kolfage too $350,000 and Bannon took $1 million, depsite the fact that it was DeSantis’ administration who initiated the criminal investigation, filing false statements about the board, creating sham invoices and accounts to launder the donations…you still think you’re outsmarting the entire world with a single google search, huh?

Not shocked at all, really. Seems quite on point for you.

Dude- all I’m saying is if they word it properly and admit some people are getting paid and some goes to operations, marketing, admin, they are probably fine.

Considering there were 4 of them and 3 were convicted and 1 got a pardon…they “probably weren’t fine” then, huh? You need a flowchart, Corky?

The first guy got in trouble for the same shit. He took money that he didn’t disclose he was going to take.

Charities are allowed to use the money on salaries and expenses…. They just need to be open about it and publicly disclose it.

3 convictions for defrauding MAGA people…and as displayed by you, scamming MAGAs are welcome, easy, and after you steal from them…they still defend you.

True cult. Sad, little people. But, I applaud people scamming MAGAs, even Trump. You’re so willfully ignorant, you deserve it. All the grifters have built entire industries off of you morons. Again, you deserve it.