Breyer, retire!

Who is hungry? Liberals eating liberals.

In all seriousness, we need to find a way to move these guys/gals on and off quicker (regardless of political affiliation). And not based on how we can can stack the court for our own favor. Maybe have like 5 year majority for conservatives and then vice versa the next 5 years.

Just like I don’t want 80 yo presidents, I don’t want 80 yo SCJ either.


Such pure motives huh? He just wants what’s best for us all. Comedy Central.

Why would we want a carousel court? How would that serve our interests better than what we have today? At least one can make an argument that the older one is- usually the wiser.

Wouldn’t you also want these individuals to be as free from external pressure as possible? While that’s never 100% effective as we saw with the election nonsense- it still follows that giving them lifetime appointments insulates them from, at minimum, political pressure from other branches. If we gave them 5 year terms wouldn’t that create an incentive for them to make decisions based on getting their next appointment in order? Or have the potential to at least?

I think the court should remain the way it is from a structural standpoint. It is not clear why we would make any changes to it. I don’t understand the reason outside of packing it and making it a political tool to drive policy.

Don’t disagree with you very much here GSC, sans maybe the older = wiser comment. Im sure there is an equilibrium point with age and then a dimishing return from there on out.

While my 5 year period is admittedly a TERRIBLE idea, I still stand by the general thesis that we need to rethink it somehow.

If you’re really worried about age, you can keep the merits of the current system but have a retire date at 75 or 80 or something.