BREAKING: President Vladimir Putin confirms to Tucker Carlson that President Biden is not running the United States. PUTIN when asked who runs the U.S. “The same forces which have always run it

BREAKING: Storm confirms that Tucker Carlson repeats Russian talking points.

Wow, well Putin and Russia are known for being straight up. I guess we better listen, huh?

I mean, it’s not like Putin would be formally trained in disinformation, right?

I mean, it’s not like Putin was a KGB agent beginning in 1975, stationed in East Germany and used a cover ID

Ah, right…gotta change the subject again, huh?


And, they’ll try more in the attempt to turn the tables on labor. Labor has too much control right now. CEOs don’t like that.
Unfortunately, it won’t work. Too many boomers are retiring too quickly so dragging unemployment up to where they want it won’t work.

Storm- why are we trusting Putin?

And doesn’t Putin have his own Oligarch problem to deal with?



Ever notice Storm is on the side of whomever is against the United States?

What’s that say about his love of Trump?

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