Breaking → Money from China was wired to an account listing Joe Biden's Delaware home as the beneficiary address. @RepJamesComer uncovered $260k in wires to Hunter Biden from 2019, while Joe Biden was running for president



Gotcha, so the company BHR Partners, which Hunter was a director of back in 2013, paid him eventually in 2019 a total of $236k and he used the Wilmington address which was on his driver’s license and the home of his father, at the time being his only permanent address. Nothing showing Joe received anything or that any policy was changed in any way, and was also received when Joe Biden wasn’t in office.

Wow, super story, Storm.

Now, let’s get back to actual $ received while in office and the changing of US policy, or attempts to, by the parties who received foreign money

Kuschner’s family was literally caught selling visas to rich Chinese at $500,000 a pop

Kuschner needed a bailout on the 666 Fifth Ave property they bought for $1.2 billion and couldn’t pay for. They approached Qatar to bail them out while Kuschner was serving in office under Trump. Qatar said no. Kuschner and Trump went against the State Dept and supported a blockade on Qatar by Saudi Arabia and UAE, Qatar being an ally and where we have the largest US military installation in the Middle East and is designated as a major non-NATO ally by the United States.

Kuschner got that funding through a Qatar backed affiliate, and then the US backed off.

3- Ivanka’s 19 US patents go through almost immediately after Trump goes to China and then tries to pressure the US to remove sanctions on China’s ZTE, even posting on Twitter about it

Again, the Trump administration lifts sanctions on ZTE, a Chinese telecom company, after a 7 year bank which was imposed after they violated US sanctions and did business with Iran and North Korea, while also suspecting the state-backed company was involved in espionage.

These are getting cumbersome, being there are so many

You’ve got the mystery lease by the Chinese in his building, who vanished after he left office

You’ve got Trump’s secret Chinese bank account

THEN, we have the $2 billion the Saudis paid Kuschner, which even Comer talked about (though, he’ll never actually investigate, we all know)

But, cute story. Really good try