Brandon Inniss to Oklahoma

The failures at American Heritage continue.

Were we ever in it with this guy?

Hate to lose the best WR in Florida and top ten in nation.

overhyped in my opinion. i’m sure he’ll be a solid D1 wr but i’ll get over it (spoiler: already over it)

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Yeah I’m already over this one, too much talent in 23. But does OU really think he’s gonna stick? Less than 20% chance of that IMO.


I’m in the same camp. Long time left and lots of options for '23.

He’s one of 4 that will be high 4 or 5$ in Dade and Broward next year. Most accomplished and most polished? OK. But all are studs1 of the 4 is a must…2 is a home run. Recruit the hell out of all of them , land any of them.

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Key to the statement 4 or 5***$***

Never will change until Chad Wilson is no longer working an agenda.

+1, this isn’t Andre Johnson.

In fact, the kid that was at the Miami game yesterday might be closer.

Also, I just look at these early commitments and think in 2021, it’s what, 50% at best that he ends up at his first verbal spot this far out.

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H Will

Absolute animal.

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Jalen Brown and H.Williams may have hire upside

The question is has Inniss peaked…He is the most polished but does he have their upside? Because he’s been destroying teams on the field and at camps since he was in what? 8th grade?

Jalen Brown seems to love UM…He as as good at either WR/CB as anyone in the country right now

N.Joseph (maybe knock him down a tier because of size? Just committed to CU…Big speed)

Seymour (UM Commit)
E.Joseph (ATH)
R.Washington (ATH…May be moving up to talk group as a slot? Soft commit/de-commit from UM who knows? Big speed)

And others…Plus some who haven’t surfaced yet.