Bowl Opt Outs

Personally, I think that unless you are entering the NFL Draft OR (unfortunately in today’s College NFL) entering the transfer portal you should play in the bowl game. I think it should be a rule that if you are under scholarship to the school then you should play.

What will be interesting to see is when we have this 12 team playoff format what will teams look like then? Let’s say Miami is in the playoff and our QB 1 declares for NFL, our QB 2 transfers, etc…for many of the positions on the team?

These bowl games don’t mean anything to these kids.

Who’s out so far?

I was discussing this same thing the other day with a friend. These non playoff bowl games are not like they used to be with kids going into the portal and not playing. i think with the larger playoff that may not happen as much for those going in the portal. I think they may want to stay with team to try to win. The kid can still play if in portal. If i was a coach and my chance of winning bowl game would be in jeopardy due to good players in portal i would tell them to stay and play. U know some of these coaches may have bonuses for winning a bowl Maybe change the portal window opening time frame.
If kid is preparing for draft then I understand if thats what they want to do.

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I think overall we are good on this front but I saw FSU losing alot on offense and defense. They will get killed by Georgia.

FSU is squandering their opportunity to make a statement that they belonged. It’s a real shame–the public perception will be that FSU did not belong in the playoff and the committee got it right by excluding them.

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Not much to argue about with Bianchi here:

In other news, always good to see Bama lose. No great love for Michigan. Just f’ Bama. And now Texas vs. Washington. Rooting for UW. Texas is a few shades of gray less deplorable than Bama.

Absolutely. Pay to play works both ways. The next step in this NIL madness will be teams suing players for breach of contract… :roll_eyes:

PS I feel the same about the playoff. F Bama, F Texas, Meh on Michigan. I am pulling for the Huskies.

They’d have to mandate it in the NIL contract/agreement. Pretty simple.

But I’d imagine the athlete can now bargain for more because you’re asking for more.

Surrounded by my bayou pals, I watched the Alabama/Michigan game. Michigan proved to be the tougher team and owned the line of scrimmage. Alabama made great adjustments in the second half, grabbed the lead but couldn’t hang on to it. Michigan deserved the win; indeed they were the better team. The goat of the game was the Alabama center. The entire year, this kid garnered a slew of procedural penalties which at times crippled the offense. In this game, he was responsible for stopping a formidable Alabama drive, snapping the ball past the QB twice on one series killing the drive.

All the yahoos are saddened by the Alabama loss; they don’t lose often and people down here on the bayou are rather used to winning. Curiously, none of them think Michigan was the better team, and they became furious at me for begging to differ with them. Alabama, like Miami, needs a better QB. Their present QB is a rushing threat but very limited in his passing ability.

Watching Washington, I noticed how quickly their offense released the ball when passing. It was almost impossible to sack Pennix. They threw lots of bubble screen using them as you would pitchouts to rush the corners. Their offense was splendid as the wide receivers rapidly got themselves open to catch the lightning fast passes. Superb offensive coaching. The team is everything the Hurricanes are not. Washington is poised and executes methodically. They win on first down and stay ahead of the count limiting third down exigency plays. Both teams playing for the NC are richly deserving of their success; they’re unbeaten.