Bowl Game or Not?

What side of the fence is everyone on?

Get ready for your draft or one last ride with your boys?

I’m on the play the game side

You can get hurt any week of the year playing football…

I’m all for playing……that said it’s a business……coaches get new jobs and bolt all the time……so I understand…….

Think Willis in 2002….

It is one of the many reasons I’m for expanding to 8. I would have liked to have seen OSU, ND, OSU*, Baylor playing in the playoffs. Cincinnati likely killed the chances of a G5 ever getting in again.

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Cincinnati was better in their game than Michigan was later on. No problem this year with them in. Notre Dame was the next choice to get in. Bearcats beat them. This isn’t a problem. A 12 team field is a big problem. Don’t need it. If you invite 12, you’d get Notre Dame and Ohio State in there this year. They’re not NC material this season. Know who else you’d get too? Baylor, Pitt and Utah. Give me a break! Four is fine. Most years you get Alabama and either a UGA or Clemson. It’s tough just finding two other teams and you usually know who’s going to win. Vegas does. They had Alabama by 13 and UGA by a TD. Must be hell raking in all that money that people like to give away.

As far as the bowls system, it’s kind of an old running joke. Too many games now. It’s apparent too that there’s too many because there’s 6-6 teams going whose coaches have been fired. Those teams don’t need rewards for being average and below average. Sorry but no matter how much you type that “more football is good football” that’s just NOT TRUE AT ALL. I won’t even watch a 6-6 vs 7-5 bowl game now. They’re all exhibition football games in the post season except the ones that will affect the eventual national champion. It’s so bad that the Rose and Sugar bowls aren’t really must watch TV any more. The conference champions don’t go there usually any longer if they’re good enough for the playoffs. When players opt out of them, I get it. If they opt out of the semifinals, that I’d have a problem with.

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Decisions are all about pros and cons.

If I’m a player with a good shot at being an NFL draft pick, these are the facts.

  • NFL teams don’t penalize you for sitting out. Ja’Marr Chase sat out a whole SEASON and went #5.
  • You are not* going to improve your draft stock in one game (Except for decent QB’s…the JaMarcus Russel rule)
  • You aren’t going paid to play this game (Your coaches may have some money on the line though)

Sorry…I’m out! The risk of injury is low, but unless I’m playing for a serious personal goal (national championship) I don’t think the risk is worth it. A bowl game is basically a no win situation.

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Why not just skip the whole last season then?

You can get hurt in any game you play.

I’d like to see some major insurance policies for the players paid for by the universities to incentivize them to play.

I agree that the bowls are mostly pointless now. Just cancel them if the teams and players don’t want to be there.

I think Ja’Marr Chase is pretty smart for skipping 2021. I’d be curious how much Will Anderson will make in NLI money. He is not very popular from a marketing side, but he is very good at football.

I’d tell the boosters I need a $5M NIL deal for 2022 or I’m sitting out. His signing bonus will likely be around $20M dollars.