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Everyone should have one, even that other side - regardless of if they agree or not. Ya can’t stop time!

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Until we have term limits for Congress and Age limits for all three branches(President, VP, Congress, Supreme Court) we will be stuck in this loop of hell. The lobby rules and we the people don’t have a real say anymore.


Whether it is 2 weeks, 2 months, or 2 years we will eventually find out that this election was stolen by massive fraud with mail in ballots and illegal changes in election rules by the Democrats. But the end result will be Biden in the White House and Republicans with large margins in the House and Senate in 2022 as voters punish Democrat shenanigans.

I simply do not agree that there’s fraud. Trump and co. continue to say that there’s massive fraud during pressers - but do not allege anything close in the courtroom.

That’s why they’re getting laughed out of court.

If they have proof - they should probably present it sooner rather than later.

I’m sure there is some fraud but I don’t think it was enough fraud in 5-6 states to cost Trump the election. He lost the election by being Trump. If he simply let the doctors do the talking, he likely backs into the win with an economy that likely will rebound once the vaccine is out for 3-6 months.

Instead, he talked when he shouldn’t have. There was no need for him to micromanage the pandemic communications. Just my 2 cents.

Age limits would have forced both out. It would also force out most of the “leadership” in Congress.

lol at the idea of massive fraud that no one has any evidence for. Trump can’t play a successful game of telephone tag but the D’s can safely keep 10M fraudulent ballots from having ANY evidence :sweat_smile:

Nooooo…How could there be any fraud. The democrats have waaaaayyyy too much honor to cheat?! Just look at all the honor they have conducted themselves with the last 4 years. They would never cheat!

Right skeetz because the Repugnicans didn’t write the book on fraud. LOL!!

Think whatever you want, 72. It don’t make you correct.

Let me guess…Wearing mask in house^^