Bombshell Court Order Outlines Proven Government/Big Tech Censorship

Americans worried about the government conspiring with social media companies to censor their speech aren’t conspiracy theorists. It’s been proven.

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Just this past Friday, what appears to be one of the only honest judges left in America ordered several key figures to sit for depositions in a court case brought against the Federal Government by the states of Louisiana and Missouri. In the case, the states allege that several key bureaucracies in the Federal government have conspired with big tech companies to censor free speech on social media platforms.

When the case was filed, the judge granted a very rare expedited discovery. That expedited discovery produced profound results. Now, the parties returned to court to ask the judge to force people who wouldn’t usually be subject to deposition at all, let alone in an expedited manner, to sit for depositions to get them under oath about what they have done.

The judge granted that request, and his order illuminates a conspiracy that spans almost every government institution, in direct contravention of the United States Constitution, and worse than any of us could’ve really imagined.

To summarize, we learned Friday that Anthony Fauci, the State Department, CISA, the CDC, the White House and other government organizations have each engaged in unconstitutional, and quite frankly, Orwellian behavior, and it has been proven (not alleged, proven) that they have acted in this manner. Some gems? The head of CISA has designated your THOUGHTS as “critical infrastructure” within the United States government, and the Census Bureau got involved with tracking down people posting what the ministry of truth considers “Mis, dis, or Mal-information.” CISA is calling your thoughts “Cognitive Infrastructure,” and the Census Bureau is somehow assisting the government with censoring facts it doesn’t like.

Those are only two points of a wide ranging decision that you absolutely must read. I adapted the column from a thread I did on Truth Social.Check it out, and pray for this judge.

I promised you a thread on this order in the Missouri v. Biden case, and oh, a thread you shall receive. This order is absolutely breathtaking, and judges don’t often make declarations of “fact” in a still to be decided case. He does here.

Some background- expedited depositions are relatively unheard of, and deposition of federal officials are even MORE unheard of. They usually don’t happen. This will be a long one and will take a bit so grab some coffee!

Here is the ORDER if you want to read along with it.

First, understand what the case is about. It alleges that members of the government conspired with (and directed) social media platforms to censor people and topics they didn’t like because of “Mis, Dis and Malinformation” If you want some background, @WendiSMahoney has done a lot of work on this for @UncoverDC

This is just one of many:

CISA’s 2022 Interim Election Security Plan Says MDM is a Persistent Threat | UncoverDC

The case covers several different verticals. And while I wish I was a party to the case, @gatewaypundit is represented from media, so whatever verdict comes in, we can appropriate it to the verticals we need as necessary.

They detail the origin of COVID, Election Integrity, Early treatment, Hunters Laptop, and more. Also, you can read who they are requesting expedited deposition from, and the head of CISA is included, along with Fauci. Fauci has gotten the most attention, but it’s bigger than that.

First, the judge makes sure to tell everyone how rare and difficult it actually is to surpass the burden needed for expedited discovery. Hint: It ain’t easy.

“Top executive department officials should not absent extraordinary circumstances, be called to testify regarding the reasons for taking official actions.”

You don’t want anyone being able to require expedited deposition of high ranking officials because if they were sitting for depositions in every single court case anyone brought forward, they wouldn’t ever get anything done. Think about how certain parties would weaponize this when their friends weren’t in power. So, this truly is an extraordinary thing.

The next bit of the order addresses the defendants (government) objections, which of course are all based on procedure and rules that aren’t really applicable. It also addresses the fact that some of the parties to be deposed are FORMER government officials (Psaki, etc) or weren’t listed on the first complaint but ARE on the amended complaint. The judge puts most of that to bed, but then goes on to say that he will detail his reasoning for EACH request. This is where it gets good.

1. Dr. Anthony Fauci:

Dr. Fauci is being deposed as the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and Chief Medical Advisor to the President.

They first allege he colluded to censor speech about COVID origins, and they allege that he was potentially behind funding the research to create the virus, and that he had a conference call which resulted in people making statements in medical journals about the origins of COVID. (It’s just getting good. Hang in there)

“Plaintiff States also urge that Dr. Fauci engaged in written and oral communications with Mark Zuckerberg about the Government’s COVID-19 response, and allegedly widespread social-media censorship of the lab-leak hypothesis ensued.“

“…communications with Mark Zuckerberg about the Government’s COVID-19 response, and allegedly widespread social-media censorship of the lab-leak hypothesis ensued.”

This next section contains the allegations about the Great Barrington Declaration, and how the heads of the NIH worked to create a “quick and devastating” takedown of the Declaration. Reading this language (from their emails) is actually quite chilling. These are unelected Bureaucrats discussing the “takedown” of alternative scientific opinions relating to the most significant medical crisis in the history of man, Surely, you’d think that they would welcome alternative viewpoints. (Please note sarcasm)

Next, we get in to what Twitter did to Alex Berenson. Twitter recently SETTLED (yes, you read that right) a case with Berenson and reinstated him to the platform. This kind of censorship has happened to untold numbers of people. The government CAN NOT collude with private business to censor speech. They CAN NOT. It is an affront to all we stand for. They did. Even the “President” got in on the action. Don’t get me started on the vaccines.

Then, plaintiffs allege Pfizer got in on the action, because Berenson’s speech threatened science, ermmm, Fauci directly.

I want you to read this very closely. The judge says that the Plaintiffs have already PROVEN that Fauci had personal knowledge about the censorship, and that “… publicly available emails that prove (emphasis added) that Dr. Fauci was communicating and acting as an intermediary for others in order to censor information from being shared across multiple social-media outlets.”

He hasn’t said “allege” or “potentially show”. He used the word PROVE. This is VERY substantial.

The judge tells Fauci that Free Speech is more important than inconveniencing “science”.

2. Rob Flaherty

The plaintiffs move to depose Rob Flaherty (“Flaherty”), who is the Director of Digital Strategy for the White House; “… a “key official in the White House’s pressure campaign on social-media companies to increase COVID-19 censorship and social-media companies’ policies and responses to COVID-19 vaccine claims.”

Plaintiffs allege Meta works with Flaherty to censor speech to curb shot hesitancy based on reports received from Meta, at the direction of the White House. ORWEILLIAN.

Again, here is that word, PROVEN. PROVEN. It is so consequential I want to make sure you all understand the significance here.

“The Court finds that Plaintiffs have proven that Flaherty has personal knowledge about the issue concerning censorship across social media as it related to COVID-19 and ancillary issues of COVID-19.”

This statement basically seals the win for the Plaintiffs. The statement itself means the Plaintiffs have won. Read it carefully. It acknowledges the collusion directly.

This is a judge, speaking. Not a parties attorney, or someone as a party. This is really important:

“The substantive reasons for taking Flaherty’s depositions are set out herein, and the Court finds the substantive reasons are overwhelming.”

3. Andrew Slavitt

“Defendant Andrew Slavitt (“Slavitt”) served as the White House’s Senior COVID-19 Advisor. Slavitt allegedly “led the charge” for the White House in its campaign with social-media companies to increase the censorship of private speech as it related to COVID-19 through meetings and oral conversations with representatives of multiple social-media platforms.”

Just read this. A director at the White House is asking a social media platform why they haven’t banned a private citizen for the things he is saying. It’s so preposterous on its face, but we knew this was happening and we were called “conspiracy theorists” for stating it. This is evil.

Their hubris will be their downfall. Part of the reason the court is allowing the deposition is because Slavitt bragged about his censorship role on a podcast.

“The Court finds that Plaintiffs have proven that Andrew Slavitt has personal knowledge about the issue concerning censorship across social media as it related to COVID-19 and ancillary issues of COVID-19.”

“… own description of his role on a podcast that he went on showed he has specific knowledge as it relates to these issues”

4. Jen Psaki:

“Jennifer Psaki (Psaki) is the former White House Press Secretary of President Biden. She is a Defendant in this case. Plaintiffs move to depose Psaki for a multitude of reasons.”

“Psaki stated at a White House press conference “the major platforms have a responsibility related to the health and safety of all Americans to stop amplifying untrustworthy content, disinformation, and misinformation, especially related to COVID-19, vaccinations, and elections. Psaki stated at another press conference on July 15, 2021, that she administration is in “regular touch” with social-media platforms and that the engagements happen between staff and platforms.” (Edited a bit for length)

“You shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others”

She actually said this. Out loud. In a press conference. And:

“Plaintiffs further argue that along with these statements, Psaki also “demanded” “robust strategies” for social-media companies to enforce censorship of “harmful posts.”

“The Court finds that Plaintiffs have proven that Jennifer Psaki has personal knowledge about the issue concerning censorship across social media as it related to COVID-19 and ancillary issues of COVID-19.”

5. Elvis Chan

In comes the Biden laptop story, and again, their hubris is their downfall. The Joe Rogan podcast is the catalyst, and Meta had to reveal who the agent was because of a subpoena.

“Plaintiffs move to depose Elvis Chan (“Chan”), a named Defendant in this case and the FBI Supervisory Special Agent of Squad CY-1 in the San Francisco Division of the FBI.”

Note here, the court uses different language when it comes to Chan. The Judge doesn’t say anything is “proven.” He said that the Plaintiff’s have ESTABLISHED that he has personal knowledge. It is an important distinction when taken with the greater order.

6. Jen Easterly

“Plaintiffs move to depose Jen Easterly (“Easterly”), the Director of CISA within the Department of Homeland Security, because she supervises the “nerve center” of federally directed censorship.”

Think about this- CISA is designating YOUR THOUGHTS and speech as the most important form of US Infrastructure- COGNITIVE INFRASTRUCTURE. That in and of itself could be the subject of a lawsuit.

“…the most critical infrastructure is a cognitive infrastructure.”

The “Disinformation Governance Board” is now on trial. This is really chilling, and thank goodness for the states of Missouri and Louisiana.

“Allegedly, these texts center around Easterly and Masterson discussing a “Disinformation Governance Board.” The conversations ultimately describe how Easterly seeks greater censorship and that this would be done by federal pressure on social media platforms to increase censorship.”

7. Lauren Protentis

“Plaintiffs move to depose Protentis because of her membership of the CISA Mis- Dis- and Mal-Information Team (“MDM Team”), whose mission is allegedly a federally induced censorship of social-media speech.”

Lauren specializes in partnering with socials to limit citizen speech, especially as it relates to foreign governments and ELECTIONS. Read this entire passage. It is important.

8. Vivek Murthy:

“Plaintiffs next move to depose Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy (“Dr. Murthy”) for his public campaign to censor individuals who spread “misinformation” about COVID-19. Plaintiffs state that Dr. Murthy has also publicly criticized “tech companies” by asserting that they are responsible for COVID-19 deaths due to their failure to censor “misinformation.”

He sent a “Request for Information” (RFI) wanting info about how tech companies would censor speech for things deemed “misinformation.”

“Plaintiffs urge that Dr. Murthy also engages in communications with high-level Facebook executives about the “demand” for greater censorship of COVID-19 “misinformation.” Plaintiffs state that they obtained this information through texts and emails through discovery. These establish that Dr. Murthy was engaged in these communications and was even sent “reports” to obtain Dr. Murthy’s opinions on censorship.“

9. Carol Y. Crawford

Plaintiffs move to depose Defendant Carol Crawford (“Crawford”), the Chief of the Digital Media Branch of the Division of Public Affairs within CDC, because she is allegedly among the government employees most involved in censoring “misinformation” about COVID-19. “

Crawford, as per this order, literally worked with the CENSUS BUREAU to identify people she deemed to be spreading “misinformation” about the shot on socials. She also organized “BOLO” calls to target people.

Unbelievable. The Census Bureau, NARA, the FBI, the DOJ, Congress, is there ANY government agency that isn’t run by a group of tyrannical fascist communists?

Answer? Maybe the AG offices of Missouri and Louisiana. How do you fix this??

10. Daniel Kimmage

“ Plaintiffs move to depose Daniel Kimmage (“Kimmage”), the Acting Coordinator for the Global Engagement Center (“GEC”) at the State Department, because he allegedly works closely with Easterly and CISA to coordinate social-media censorship of speech on election-related issues and election integrity.”

Hold on to your hats for this one- this is why I am saying that this order is of FAR greater significance than just Fauci. Please read this passage.

This is truly stunning, and I am not sure people are really grasping what is happening here, at least not the public writ large. This is a conspiracy so vast, and so overwhelming, that it legitimately compromises the whole of government.

Conclusion and my thoughts, which will likely span a few posts.

This lawsuit has already proven and exposed a wide ranging conspiracy to censor American’s for what government considers “wrong-think.” They shroud it in noble causes, they pretend it is for the greater good SOMETIMES, but there is legitimately no time, ever, especially under the God given rights protected by the Constitution, that our government can do this.

This is one of the reasons why I stated that even though the “disinformation governance board” was “Disbanded,” it didn’t matter, and they were already doing it anyway. This spans election integrity, to conversations and deliberations about medical issues, to opinions. Clearly, they even had funding to enact whatever campaigns they wanted.

It is so broad and so sweeping, it is almost unbelievable that they acted so overtly they thought they wouldn’t get caught. It is also unbelievable that there is an honest judge who is allowing this case to move forward, which we never would’ve said in years past.

The fact is, everything is ruined. Everything is corrupt. The order itself is staggering, the complaints were as well. I am not even sure what the REMEDY will be when they win the case. What happens?

Also, I am STUNNED that they provided this information. Discovery apparently still works, so there is one part of the Justice system still doing it’s job. There’s hope still left