Bolden Gone

Shoulder injury.

Seems like this has been a year for injuries to key players.

Jeez. Injuries absolutely killing us this year. That’s unfortunate.

Doubt it’s anything major…He was playing thru it. College is just as much a joke as professional sports nowadays.

Likely a labrum and potentially bicep as well. Thus, he could play with it and potentially do more damage but it wouldn’t change the recovery time. Him sitting out smells of him leaving early so he will have surgery now so he is close to 100% by the combine/nfl draft. His loss as he is not draftable right now. Now, maybe it is so badly torn that the shoulder falls out of the socket on nearly every tackle. If so, he needs it addressed.

I don’t think this hurts us too much. He hasn’t played particularly well.

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I tend to agree. I also think the D scheme asks a ton of safeties especially when the DE play is average at best and LB play is well below average.

Perhaps….but it doesn’t help out depth…

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