BJ and Hall are gone

Fourth-year junior safety Gurvan Hall Jr. and fifth-year redshirt junior middle linebacker Bradley Jennings Jr. both missed the Georgia Tech game Saturday and are expected to enter the NCAA transfer portal.

Their names were not on the depth chart released Monday afternoon for the FSU game at 3:30 p.m. Saturday in Tallahassee.

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Players come and players go. I won’t be too upset about Hall leaving. He would rather engage a block than make a tackle. :roll_eyes:

Hall had potential but either a bad brain or terrible coaching.

Jennings was a JAG the second he was taken - never was Miami material (frankly none of the bodies Diaz took at Lb were).

Nothing to see here. What IS to see is this staffs inability to recruit quality AND numbers at positions. They take what they can get but are poor recruiters in being able to force correct counts at positions with quality players ever year.

Miamis defensive woes right now have a lot more to do with Diaz and cos terrible recruiting the last few years than scheme.

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And just mystifying personnel decisions…I can’t believe every other LB, obviously more athletic, can’t beat out cement shoes of Jennings, Flagg, Ragone…Diaz is that terrified of our young kids “missing a gap” while we watch slow LB chase and never catch runners on the edge or open field. At least the kid who misses a gap once or twice a game catches these player 2-3 yards earlier the rest of the game or gets a hand on them compared to a whole game of getting ran right by or totally whiffing because that player is just that more athletic than you.

And if they are total busts and we are playing the better kid???..Then like you said, my god it’s terrible evaluation and recruiting.

Hall is so disappointing to me. I loved his tape since nole80 first posted it on old board…Saban wanted him. Unreal.

LBs should be bigger guys, but if a smaller faster guy, reacts well, can play pass defense, and is a sure tackler, move him to LB. Being a Saints fan, I watched Sam Mills week in and week out making RBs and WRs pay a wicked price when he tackled them. The Saints weren’t very good, but assembled the four best linebacking crew in pro football history: Sam Mills, Ricky Jackson, Vaughn Dunbar, and Pat Swilling. Other teams would beat the Saints on the scoreboard, but they’d leave the Big Easy hurting.