Biggest Game of Diaz career here vs. UNC**

I’d have to think this game decides his future.

UNC has issues…We need to win this game.

I stick by my statement that we may not win a game for the remainder of the year.

If UNC beats us like they did last year, Manny better not survive the weekend.

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I doubt they fire him before 2022. Too costly. And no other coaches are available until after the bowl season. I think he hangs on until 2023 or later. He has the “injuries excuse” this season especially if TVD gets hurt. We’ll see…

I’d love to see a Hurricane win. However, Mack Brown discovered a Cane weakness against the rush and exploited it all game long leading to a horrible rout. I still think the Canes have a vulnerability to a team that patiently rushes the football as did Michigan State against us.

I’d love to see the Miami rushing attack come alive. The offense needs more motion, more two RB formations, and better use of deception. Our backs need to be given some more daylight, in which to operate, more short screens and flairs. Knighton is a talented kid but is anything but a power back. Give him a chance to show his moves. Cody looks good to me; I’d like to see 3rd conversion plays run outside of the tackles putting a player in motion to make the defense react. Van Dyke needs to get into a rhythm completing short throws. Surely, the Hurricanes can complete slant passes to a 6’5" TE. What I don’t want to see is drive killing bombs thrown if we’re behind early in the game. Catch up first, then let them fly.

I realize UNC is down, but I don’t expect to see our tackling woes go away.

i have zero faith in diaz at this point.

if i had to put money on this game it would definitely be on UNC.

UNC is still more talented than Virginia. We’ll look sloppy and miss tackles again

Coming off of a bye too? We are toast, lol.

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UNC is sloppy and underperforming this year as well. It’s a wildcard game.

Looks so/so to me…JMO, he’s young. Don’t think he’s going to be anything but a complimentary or #2 back tops here.

Add 15-20 and make him a fullback. Franklin and Chaney are the top 2 then rooster.

He’d play about 3 snaps a game in 95% of college offenses.

Hback if he can catch

….and us coming off a bye.

52-17 UNC.

Anyone want to make a wager that Sam Howell, or maybe Josh Downs (or both of them) have career days against the Miami D this weekend? And Sam Howell will relaunch a Heisman candidate campaign? :roll_eyes:

I’ll stop short of heisman, but either one (or both) will have productive days.

Glad I got shit to do during the game so I don’t have to torture myself.

Just making the point that even average QBs seem to have Heisman-like performances when they play Miami

All I can think of is the two guys in major league…

“They’re still shitty.”

Hard to have high hopes for this program anymore. Hope to be pleasantly surprised.


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I think every game he is granted for on here on out is equally as important and the most important at the same time.

He’s on a “game to game” contract the way I see it.

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