Big If True

This would be a great get.


I’m here for it!

Watching Tyrique play this yea at Georgiar depressed me knowing that the kid would have been a standout as a Hurricane. Why did we fail in recruiting this kid? Tyrique is an impressive player who can really help both the Canes and himself. I think Tyrique will be comfortable at the U, playing where he has friends and family, playing before a hometown crowd. Getting Tyrique would top off an excellent recruiting class.

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Miami needs cornerbacks, he would be a day 1 starter here. Sign him, get him immediately eligible. You have multiple years to develop this young man into a legit 1st round draft pick. These are the kind of kids that Miami needs to get into the fold, if we are serious about competing.

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Well is Manny going to make the new DB coach start Ivy and Blades no matter what?

This would be a huge get!

Please not Ivey. I usually don’t call out kids, but he is just not that good. Blades is somewhat better

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