Biden's State of the Union Speech

I found myself surprised by Biden’s coherency in delivering the speech. I expected him to make numerous faux pas, and he did not. The speech was more a campaign speech than a State of the Union address, and I regard it as the best speech Biden has given to date. Perhaps in light of his new found lucidity, the Special Council should reappraise Biden’s condition to stand trial for the mishandling of government documents. Do you suppose Biden took a few hits on Hunter’s White House cocaine that accounted for his surprising energy.

Interestingly, the speech just glossed over the major issue in the coming election–immigration. From a political point of view, I thought that the State of Union was shrewdly handled.

I thought it was a good speech too. Not groundbreaking, but very very solid.

And yes, it was clear the main point of the speech was to launch his re-election campaign.

Though Biden spent a good portion talking about immigration. He didn’t shy away from it, which was surprising, and he called out the GOP for playing politics instead of helping the country.

For those who didn’t watch/listen, here are his main points:

“We will not walk away.”

“Here’s a simple truth. You can’t love your country only when you win.”

Guarantee Right to IVF. Blames Trump for it and the overturning of Roe v. Wade.
“Send me Democratic Congress and I will restore Roe v. Wade again.”

15 mill new jobs in 3 years - record
unemployment at 50-year lows
800k new manufacturing jobs
more health insurance than any before
wealth gap smallest in 20 years
inflation lowest in world and trending lower
Exporting American products and creating American jobs
United Auto Workers Labor Leader
The middle class built the country and the unions built the middle class.

Capped some prices
Cut Federal deficit by 160 billions dollars by Medicare savings
It’s time to give Medicare more power to negotiate prices
Wants to cap prescription drug costs at $2k/year for everyone
Obamacare will stick around.

As inflation keeps going down, prices will too, but in the meantime…
Annual Mortgage Tax Credit (2 years while prices come down)

pretty generic stuff here

“Pay your fair share.”
Nobody making under $400k will pay one penny more in taxes. Not one penny.
Raise coporate minimum tax to at least 21%.
End tax breaks for Big Pharma, Big Oil, etc.

Will not let anyone take away social security or raise the retirement age.

Stopping shrinkflation.
Cutting junk fees.
Total price up front on tickets, etc.

Outlined what the new bill would have added to Border Protection
Border Patrol union endorsed the bill
I will not demonize immigrants and say they’re poison to our country
“Send me the border bill now.”

Voting Rights Act 59 years ago
Today, going backwards
Pass the Freedom the Vote Act

Cutting carbon emissions, adding electrical charging stations, conserving water
Launched Climate Corp to put 20k people to work, will triple that

America safer today than when I took office
Violent crime to lowest levels in 50 years
Ramping up enforcement of Violence Against Women Act
The usual gun safety stuff, universal background checks, etc.

Bring every hostage home
Israel has a burden but a fundamental responsibility to protect civilians
Establish temporary pier on Gaza coast for humanitarian aid
Only real solution is 2-State solution

Coalition of 22 countries against Red Sea hostilities

America on the rise
Trade deficit China is down to lowest point in a decade
Expanded partnership in Pacific: India, Australia, Japan, South Korea
“I want competition with China, not conflict.”

He did very well. I really did not think he could give a speech anymore. I will say this. I really don’t care who the president is at this point. That being said when they speak there needs to be more respect for the office of the presidency of the US. MTG keeps embarrasing herself. It is time for people like her to be gone from serving this country. You can like Biden or hate him but enough is enough. I would feel the same way if Trump was president. I can’t stand him but no one should be interupted in this type of setting. You want to say something after, fine. This country has gotten to the point that everything is now about inviduals and not the good of the country.

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I really don’t care about either one at this point.

They have to shoot a man up with adderall entering his mid 80’s so he can get through a campain speech while he yells to prove he isn’t incoherent; while they have to plead with the other one who is in his late 70’s to not say something utterly ridiculous time and time again.

If this is the best we can do then I’ll be on the sidelines. It’s truly dissapointing.


I guess the Republican response fell flat, to put it lightly.

Yep, but I’d love to see her in a bikini. Don’t know much about her but she’s hot.

Britt is a pretty woman. The sad thing is they put her in a kitchen to give a speech. Not good optics for a party that wants to gather everyone up and put them on a train and get them out of here.

Cane jersey, I will most likely stay home. It’s an insult by both parties to give us these two choices.

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Big surprise she was lying.

"I think of being on an airplane. The flight attendant comes down the aisle with her food cart and, eventually, parks it beside my seat.

'Can I interest you in the chicken?" she asks. “Or, would you prefer the platter of raw shit with bits of broken glass in it?”

To be undecided in this election is to pause for a moment and then ask how the chicken is cooked."

-David Sedaris

Warden, Biden is not going to win florida. My vote does not matter.

I get it. I’m in Texas.