Biden plans to arrest trump?



As always, you misconstrue the title of your thread. Trump has been under investigation long before Biden became president. He may be indicted out of New York, which seems like the closest one. Then there’s the possibility of GA. And DC.

Take your pick. :laughing:

We are becoming more like Venezuela every day.

Is eating cats and dogs next?

How so? Presidents and former presidents are now above the law?

Targeting political opponents to the fullest degree when either no crimes have been committed or similar or lesser crimes by others are ignored.

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I don’t understand. You’re saying if there is cause - current and former presidents shouldn’t be investigated?

You’re automatically assuming current and former presidents are above reproach and can do no wrong?

Complains the side gunning for the treason trials…

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Only one person on this site has ever even mentioned that phrase.

All of the rest of us just want the truth and justice, in whatever legal form that takes.

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You are lumping me in with Storm. I’ve never been gunning for those.

But, yes infrastructure disasters, gas prices climbing, the border’s a complete mess, inflation through the roof, banana republic administration. Heading down the path.

I find @thre305ive hilarious. He holds us all to account for accuracy. And then he does this kind of shit.

Practice what you preach.

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In whatever legal form? Troops storming the capital and suspending the constitution count as this?

You want what you want. Legal or not. Admit it.

Hell, you already have.

And they just keep signing up for more…This Biden’s doing a knock out job isn’t he?

As good as Trump did.

Pushing 600,000 deaths.

Lol @comparing covid to the things Indy mentioned. And we all know there isn’t 600k

Dying with covid?
Dying once having have covid?
Overly sensitive positives that a chunk of these wouldn’t have registered positive today since Bidened turned down the cycle threshold?
Deaths from your Dem governors that could have been avoided?

And are we counting all 11 flu deaths this winter or nah?

Crickets huh? This covid sure is convenient isn’t it?

Wake up sheep

Watch how quick he replies and makes a fool of himself

“Board Moderator”

Skeeter. The master of ignorance and insults.

But he believes his posts generate positive debate and discussion.

What a joke.

There is no positive debate with you

You are just too stupid

Orange Man Bad we get it…All the things indy just listed are nice to vote for huh? Fucking children’s development up is nice to vote for huh? As long as it isn’t organge man bad

This guy would slit his own mother’s throat to remove Trump.

Show me a positive debate you’ve ever had.

The guy who would slit his own mother’s throat to bring him back.