Biden Admin to

Seek policy on reparations.

Threaten to go ahead even without a Congress they control!


I really don’t see how reparations (don’t think it’ll happen) will solve anything. It’s not like money is given out and all is automatically forgiven.

They’re just creating a commission on explore reparations. I think it’s lip service by Dems and fear-mongering by Pubs, but we’ll see.

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Another example of how the Gateway Pundit lies, omits and paints a false narrative.

Richardson is discussing moving forward on HR 40, a House bill put forth to study reparations. That point in itself proves your narrative false entirely in that it shows they aren’t pushing for reparations and aren’t doing anything without Congress. They’re agreeing they need to study it.

More falsehoods by the conservative Trumpkins. Another day, another lie. That’s how it is with you folks