Biden admin exporting from strategic oil reserves

Not good.

Add this to the list of reasons to impeach, while we are at it.

In come the Biden trolls to defend in 3….2……1……

They have to Google first. The mainstream media didn’t pick this up.

Going to the Salon and Daily Beast websites now. Give them a few minutes, jeez.

I am always flipping a coin…is it because you’re an idiot or because you have no integrity and are a shitty American?

What Happens Next?

"Donald Trump’s claims aside, what will be the impact of this release? And is it a wise thing to do?

Given the magnitude of the release, it is likely to have a substantial downward impact on oil and gasoline prices over the next few months. Whether that decline can be sustained is really dependent upon just how quickly U.S. oil production continues to ramp up — as well as what happens with Russian oil supplies.

It’s highly unlikely that U.S. production will increase by 1 million BPD in the next six months, but that timing will also mark the end of the high-demand season in the U.S. So it’s possible that the impact will be sustained. Further, six months from now is just before the November elections, so additional releases could be announced if the current releases don’t have the desired impact.

Of course, the SPR was put in place to guard against severe supply disruptions. We are not experiencing a severe supply disruption. Yes, we have banned the import of Russian oil, but that oil will make its way to other customers. But imagine that we do deplete the SPR to the lowest levels since the 1980s, and then a severe supply disruption does take place.

An analogy to this would be deciding to insure your $500,000 home for $200,000. You could probably get away with it, because your home is unlikely to be destroyed in a natural disaster. But, if it was, you may find yourself in deep trouble when you are unable to replace your home.

That’s the risk of a depleted SPR. If we have no severe supply disruptions, it may be looked upon as a bold move that helped bring oil prices under control. But if there is a severe supply disruption in the next few years, it will be viewed as an incredibly foolish and short-sighted move that put the U.S. at greater risk. History will be the judge of whether this was a good idea, but it is definitely a move that comes with risk."

It even goes back further

What a moron you are

You are the moron. None of your Google searched articles disprove mine.

He was using a short-term play to give a temporary relief in gas prices to score some points.

The release for the Ukraine conflict could be justified but the subsequent releases were political posturing because his numbers are in the tank.

He could have opened up drilling on federal lands well before now.

Drill baby drill.

Basic economics. You’re too partisan to see anything but can do a mad Google search.

Like I said, blinded by politics and can’t see straight. Total ideologue that is willing to ride or die with this disaster of an administration.

He did. You’re a fucking idiot.

See above. You’re who advertising was made for. My dog has more sense and integrity than youdo.

the irony of this statement

April 2022. When did gas prices start rising, well before Ukraine you absolute moron.

Total shill for the Dem party.

The White House pr office was made for you. Can’t think for yourself.

See for yourself.

(New Data: Biden’s First Year Drilling Permitting Stomps Trump’s By 34% - Center for Biological Diversity)

Even the API explains new leases take years and do not have an immediate impact

but the gas prices

How pathetic. Again, I pray your wife brought some usable DNA for those kids or they’re fucked. Oh well, if not they can move to Jersey and pump gas, I guess.

Yeah. All those high crimes and misdemeanors you can’t mention.

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Warden literally just copies and pasted other people’s work online. This guy runs a business. Imagine how much more productive they’d be if he put in this much work.

Someone call his partners at the Petroleum Club!!!

What do you think Indiana’s original post is, an original essay? All he did was post a link without any added critical commentary of his own.

But no one else is allowed to do that? At least Warden goes more in-depth about what he’s posting.

No need. Just paid the investors off entirely in 5 years as of this week. 3 offices, 2 countries, paid of the investors entirely in 5 years during the pandemic.

What, what!!! Holla!

I hire good people, pay them well, empower them and treat them like the assets they are…not slime-bags like you who need constant attention and direction as they try to avert accountability. Also, I’m the first one in the office by 3 hours, the one to takes on the weekend work, the one who updates a truckload every 2 hours throughout the night if needed, etc. Also, as an owner, I take on the parts of the business that are the lowest and the crappiest…like if freight needs to be disassembled, on site packaging locally, all of the errands, anything dirty or in the heat. I clean the fridge, the Nespresso machines, etc. If freight misses a transfer, I’ll literally drive it from Dallas to Amarillo in my SUV that moment. No, sir - I definitely don’t need lessons from you. We’ve been blessed and we’ve been lucky, but need no direction from a slime-bag salesman in Jersey who deflects blame at literally every opportunity. I doubt you put in much effort at all, obviously aren’t honest in any way, and probably treat those around you like shit…thinking you’re above them or something.

I used to put more in, adding my own interpretation or summary. BUT, you aren’t honest. You don’t enter into the discussion in good faith. So, the effort is wasted. If you were a better person, a more honest and moral person, I’d add more. But, alas…no chance of that. It’s not like you’re going to sprout some integrity out of nowhere.

It’s like beating a dead horse with you, but I’ll go one more time and lay it out.

Nice like, by Warden by the way. The board Dem shill.

  1. we will hold Biden to the same standard as Trump
  2. not enforcing the border (worst immigration crisis we’ve seen in some time)
  3. Biden crime family dealings
  4. dementia (unfit for office)
  5. openly trying to destroy the country (seems pretty irrefutable at this point)

Those should do it. I would expect Rs to ramp things up, presuming a red wave in Nov. Have to go on offense with these scummy Dems who want to destroy the country.

How so?

Wait, a few days ago you said it was the worst in history. I proved you wrong. I notice now it’s “in some time”

No evidence at all as of yet. Though, we have ample on the Trump crime family that you simply don’t have the integrity to even acknowledge. Who’s a shill?

Name calling is for children. Also, his own team at times considered him unfit for office. His own administration has people in it who say he’s unfit for office. But, do you care? Of course not. You have no integrity

You mean like attacking our allies, partnering with our enemies, trying to dismantle the Constitution in a coup and attacking the capitol with Confederate flags while chanting how they want to murder Democrat members and hang the VP? You mean like that?

Again…time and time again…you show to be nothing more than a party bobblehead. No original thoughts. No effort to learn anything. No integrity to care.
Shitty American…no other way around it.

Got him.

Warden reflexively goes to insults. He can’t help himself. I’ll stop responding to these as it’s not worth my time.

But it just shows your character. Note that I’ll call you out when you respond to me. I don’t care about DJ or anyone else on here that disagree.

I’m pretty sure you aren’t a good dude. But whatever.


What high crime or misdemeanor is this?

If there’s credible evidence, great. Impeach him.

This is not an impeachable offense you dolt. There’s this whole amendment that addresses this.

What does this even mean? I’m not sitting here saying Biden is doing well (he’s not), but he’s openly trying to destroy the country? Yeah. No.

Neither were the “impeachable offenses” for Trump.

The point is flying way over your head, per usual.

I don’t care about Biden one bit. And I don’t care about Trump coming back.

But if they Dems play dirty, the Pubs need to do the same. And they can come up with some nice reasons to impeach Biden, as I listed for you.

Play dirty with your political opponents and expect a backlash.

Don’t really love this guy and he’s playing politics, but it’s hard to argue this:

Bullshit. Extorting a president from another country in an effort to make your opponent look back absolutely is.

So is inciting a mob.