Best Info Regarding the Big Steal

The people will never accept Joe Biden swindling them We know Donald Trump won the election. We saw a multitude of more than one million Americans attend Trump rallies versus a few hundred for Biden. There was no groundswell of support for Sleepy Joe. This election was rigged. If however the courts do not rectify this stolen election, the American people will rebel. I for one would support the president declaring martial law suspending the Constitution to conduct thorough investigation carried out under the aegis of the Armed Forces to determine the extent of the fraud which not only occurred in six states but also in others. This alternative has already been given voice when a full page advertisement appeared in the Washington Times urging the president to exercise this most radical strategy that only was employed one other time in American history. We will NOT put up with a stolen election.

Here’s a link which gives, I think, the best overview of how the steal was achieved. Biden did worse on winning counties than any candidate who ever won the presidency. The steal was achieved for the most part in just six corrupt counties. I would submit that thousands of Trump ballots were thrown away in post offices. If someone doesn’t doesn’t do something about mail-in ballots, we’re going to have another steal take place in the Georgia Senate races in January. We cannot let the Marxists win. Trump won the damn election by a landslide. Only a goof would vote for Joe Biden. Sorry, if I called you a goof; I usually mind my manners.


It’s pretty obvious.

We are being conditioned to accept the cheat and pretend nothing happened. The emperor has no clothes comes to mind.

You guys are nuts. Stop with the stupid conspiracy trash and your tinfoil hats. Blow out in the electoral, and a 7 million, 7 MILLION popular vote gap. GTFO with your nonsense. Stop being brainwashed by the narcissistic/sociopath autocrat orange clown. Move on, and realize that trumpy and his moronic cult are NOT republicans, but con artists using you.

It seems like a conspiracy unless you use critical thinking. Hard to wrap your head around the massive fraud, but the evidence is there.

It’s really sad. I would totally accept a legit Biden win. No questions asked. But this isn’t legit. It’s a fake candidate that had no support. It’s a complete steal job. No doubt about it.

The problem for Dems is that even if Biden is elected 70% of Repubs don’t buy it.

This steal has been ridiculous obvious.

Even before the election they were priming it.

Facebook making a commercial warning people of dubious sources and that it’ll take weeks to resolve.

Twitter censoring only one side.

Hillary saying don’t concede under any circumstances (now they say Trump should? Lol)…

Last minute election law changes in multiple states.

And it all culminated in that multiple state pause that no one can explain.

Yea yea - I know. It was mail in ballots. They couldn’t keep up. Except for the other 45 states that never paused and counted them just fine. Lol.