Because conservatives are idiots

My god is this a stupid fucking post.

Some people have nothing better to do so decide to complain at school district hearings.

The furry stuff is so strange though. These parents have no pride to let their kids go to school like that.

What kind of parents are these that allow their screwed up kids to go to school like that?

Furry activity is highly linked to pedophilia.

I mean, there you have it. Exhibit A and B.

They both think this is real, still.

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I’m just gonna say that I have experience here and leave it at that.

You can Google or DuckDuckGo (probably better) furries + pedophilia or furries + “sexual assault” and let them do the rest.

This is page one. It took me 1 seconds.

But you keep on dude. You’re the smartest guy in the room.

All the time.

Any of those talk about schools catering to Furries? Again, you’re proven incorrect and it’s remarkable you’re trying to justify your belief that schools are catering to Furries.

Yes, I’m definitely smarter than you from the looks of it, or more honest. Definitely one of the two.


With regards to Furries being linked to child abuse, I could do the same search with Evangelical churches or the Catholic Church. I don’t give a fuck about Furries, but again…create the search and get the results.

See how that works?

Let’s do some more
How about people from New Jersey?

How about salesmen?

Try again, Skippy

Also, since you were proven entirely incorrect, I expect an apology.

Warden- I’m making a simple point. The reason parents are most likely concerned about the furry trend is

  1. Because it’s fucking weird.
  2. Because it’s highly associated with sexual abuse (mostly pedophilia).
  3. They perceive these school districts seem to be making special rules and concessions for this weird population at the expense of their children.

Now, you make a comparison to priests or pastors and sexual abuse.

  1. I have never denied that there is abuse among clergy (regardless of religion).
  2. But comparing a hobby to an occupation seems spurious and misleading.

I bet we can find the similar levels of X occupations (particularly those with access and authority over children) and sexual assault.

But being a furry isn’t an occupation. It doesn’t have any special place in a child’s life. It’s simply a way for pedophiles to attract and seduce young kids and hide their identities while doing it.

What’s your beef with parents looking out for their kids interests? That’s fundamental to parenting.

GSC, Warden is claiming you have confirmation bias.

If you search for furry pedos, you’re gonna find furry pedos. He used your same tactic to determine that New Jersey is highly correlated with pedos.

That said, there is a sexual element to some furry cultures, though I’ve always heard about stuff between consenting adults. The key thing here, for me, is is this whole thing an actual problem? Are actual students coming to school dressed up, are schools actually catering to them, or is this the usual FOX-style outrage to dupe old people? The latter is my initial gut feeling, but I don’t care enough to look into this at all.

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I don’t know about “problem” per se but it’s in the schools. I’m in conservative Indiana and parents were telling me about kids like this in schools here. I had no idea wtf they were talking about.

Completely bizarre. Some of the kids just laugh it off.

GSC, Warden is claiming you have confirmation bias.

If you search for furry pedos, you’re gonna find furry pedos. He used your same tactic to determine that New Jersey is highly correlated with pedos.

Ah oh dick ride alert

Nah- there’s a problem dude.

When I worked in data sales we had this solution that could find anyone’s social media profiles and other information. And one of the things we would demonstrate a lot to law enforcement was how good we could find THESE types of people.

They are highly digital in nature and use dummy email addresses. They create “let’s play” video live streams to draw children into them and them stalk them. They would create twitter and discord networks and communicate in code.

Additionally, warden used a really bad analogy/comparison…. He’s comparing a weird hobby vs an occupation. It’s not 1 to 1.

I’m not countering your overall point, but I am saying your methodology of using google to prove it is flawed.

Now you’re introducing new evidence/experiences which may be more reputable, but again, if you’re searching for THESE types of people, you’re gonna find them, so it might still be confirmation bias.

Really, to say furries = sexual predators, you would need to quantify how many furries are versus aren’t, and the number who are would need to be significantly large to attribute that accusation against the whole group. That’s where I’m coming from.

There is a more direct link to the Catholic Church and pedophilia than furries. Also, furries aren’t in schools with schools catering to them as was the basis of the whole discussion. Instead, you simply went down the path of how furries are weird, while still agreeing it’s a problem and never addressing the basis of the discussion was full of shit.

You have, however, proven the sentiment of the original post - conservatives are idiots.

Thread after thread of embarrassment. I don’t know how gsc keeps coming back.

I’ll stand up for the furry’s. Furrys are people too!