Bank Shot At 75 All

Almost makes up for FSU …

That was awesome. :laughing:

Weird team. Beats Duke. Crushes UNC. Can’t find a way to beat FSU (who just lost to GT).

First in the ACC though…I’ll take it!

Money in the bank!!

FSU has a very good team, a lot of height for rebounding. Obviously, UM has a better than average squad capable of playing with any team in the conference, but I would rate FSU a stronger team that could easily go on a roll and take the conference championship in spite at times of their rather undisciplined play.

The last two minutes of a close basketball game is wonderful entertainment. It is chess match, coaches matching wits. Miami’s go for broke 75 foot shot to beat Va Tech was not your ordinary winning shot. It was an extraordinary but oh so satisfying of a play.