Banda and who...?

So Banda out (that’s the rumor at least). Who’s he taking with him?

And of course, odds we hire him back as DC in 3 weeks? :joy:

the fact that Baker has not been fired yet means he’s staying…which means the end of manny. oh well…hopefully blake james is fired so a proper HC search can be conducted.

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Yeah I think we’re stuck with Baker unless out of the blue we hire a coDC who really holds the reins. If banda goes and rumph stays…just FML. The whole team is in the toilet then. How can you lose the one guy who recruits on D and keep the guy who has zero value???

The irony is look at how quick Texas and Florida moved. It looks like we’re stuck in reverse.

Maybe we get lucky and he takes Rumph with him

I would bet dollars to donuts that Manny could get Jim Leavitt to come to Mami, Currently the DC at FAU.

I would not be unhappy if he did. He has the fire that the Miami D needs. His hire would be a three-fer: he can flat out coach D, he can coach LBs, and the guy can recruit FL.


I would be ecstatic if this happened ^


Four-fer: known to not baby the kids. Likely the exact opposite.

Per FBS, banda + DVD + a couple other off-field guys. So we get to keep rumph and patke…yay.

OH joy! :rage:

I’ll trust that Manny is trying to let the guys find new work without firing them. Give him another week or two.

Shots fired.

It is very telling that Banda is taking Van Dyke but not taking Rumph.

Manny needs to make some personnel changes on D if he wants to keep his job.
Baker = Enos. Rumph deserves to be fired for his epic failure to recruit CB’s. His failure should have consequences. In college ball, recruiting is a major part of an assistant coach’s job.

Baker should have been fired after the UNC game. Miami will not improve with Baker and Rumph on the coaching staff IMHO. Utah State is hiring Banda for his recruiting ability as much as anything else.

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:point_up: TRUTH

Something else occurred to me.

Perhaps Banda thought he might take over the DC duties once Baker was let go, and saw that was not going to happen so he bailed?


God, I hope not.

On another note, if I’m James Williams, I’m pissed

Alternative ‘wishful thinking’ scenario is that diaz is canning the whole defensive side and banda is the only one that had an opportunity lined up.

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That is what I’m hoping, ATX. Any “co” defensive coordinator is on the lookout for full DC jobs. When that promotion happens, your school downgrades from Miami to Utah. I wouldn’t be surprised if Banda was at least considering the opportunity a month ago.

I am starting to fear that Manny is keeping Baker and Rumph. If he does, I think the odds are high we have a 6 or 7 win season and Manny is fired.

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I’ve watched UM football for over 60 years and regard the UNC game as the worst ever.

The first task of any defense at any level is stopping the run. UNC had the Hurricanes figured out in their blocking schemes, and despite having a very good QB, just ran us out of the stadium.

Banda is a very good recruiter, eminently likeable, and has gotten a big pay raise. It’s a shame to lose a good PR guy.

Manny needs to do as he did with Enos. Fire Baker. Great idea going after Leavitt who could really help us.

If Manny doesn’t improve the defense, I agree with Stork, he may well be sacked next year.